Getting Dirty in Aruba

Whenever I have an opportunity to try something new, I do it. Life is beautiful and full of ATV Adventure, Arubaadventures around every corner so you have to put yourself out there and give everything a go at least once. Something I haven’t done yet was drive an ATV. I know my way around an SUV, a dune buggy, or even a snowmobile (I’m Canadian remember), but surprisingly enough, I’ve never driven an ATV… until yesterday. We explored Aruba’s north coast open air and I learned that I have a new “drive” and it’s called off-road ATVing. I like getting dirty and playing with toys. Give me a field of dirt and a way to truly explore it over make-up and fancy clothes any day. I may not be a “lady” but I know how to have fun. 

I didn’t sleep the night before we went on our off-road, ATV adventure. I was too excited. Not only was a going to play with a new toy, but we were going on the rugged back roads, through rocky, gorgeous, seaside cliffs and wave-tossed beaches on the country side of Aruba. Does it get any better than that? 

We were given a quick run-down on how to drive the ATVs, and then we followed our guide out of the building. Our convoy of ATVs rode down the road and traffic accepted us as if we were just another vehicle; a typical day in Aruba.

The first part of the experience was mostly paved road driving. It was fast for a newbie, but not enough to be intimidating. It was just enough to get the wind really flowing through my hair and start my adrenaline for the real adventure ahead.

We hit the dirt and it was still wide, flat roads with intermittent traffic. That’s when I started to get a feel for what the ATV could handle. At times, I sped up, I slowed down, I turned the wheels quickly, and I even kicked up a little dirt when testing how fast I could take off. I was  building up my confidence and feeling more comfortable in the driver’s seat… just in time too.

ATV Adventure, ArubaWinding up an imposing hill, on the edge at times, I was grateful for the 20 minutes of experience beforehand. When we reached the top, it was difficult to pay attention to my driving while surrounded by immense beauty in all directions, but the rugged terrain reminded me that I was still driving a powerful, and heavy, machine. I paid attention to the path and let my video camera do most of the sight-seeing.

ATV Adventure, Aruba

“Welcome to Natural Pool” greeted us at the top of the hill and I saw other ATVs parkedATV Adventure, Aruba near the sign. I knew what was about to happen; we were adding water to our journey. I don’t know if you know me very well, but any water activities are always highly desirable. This tour was shaping up to be the ultimate adventure.

After a short hike down the hillside, we were at the ocean. In a unique formation of rock, volcanic stone circles a small depression, creating a tranquil pool known as “Cura di Tortuga”, or more familiarly by visitors as the Natural Pool.

I slid into the pool and watched as massive waves smashed against the rocks. A light spray entered the pool and that was it; we were safely protected in the Natural Pool. The water was refreshing but not cold. I could have stayed there all day and I would have been happy. I’m quickly learning why they call it the One Happy Island. Every experience is equally as amazing as the last.

ATV Adventure, ArubaWe toured two caves and had lunch at Boca Prins before our return journey began. The winding roads meandered along the ocean creating the most surreal experience. I was crossing two items off my bucket list simultaneously by riding an ATV and touring Aruba and I was experiencing the most picturesque views at the same time. If I could have included a skydiving or aerial dynamic to the day, it would have been my version of heaven.

34 thoughts on “Getting Dirty in Aruba

  1. Hi, thanks for the peek into your island adventure! I hear St. Vincent is quite awesome too! I hope you will get to do much much more when you return or go on a visit to another island 🙂


    • We’re getting to experience so much on this trip; I really think Aruba is where it’s at. Tomorrow we’re going to try windsurfing. Although I’ve tried it before, I don’t have enough experience to say I know what I’m doing. It should be a great day. 🙂 Have you ever tried it before? What about ATVing?


      • Hi, unfortunately no I haven’t. I have a mental to-do list and that was added to it once I read your post. Windsurfing… I probably wouldn’t 🙂 It sure looks fun though 🙂


    • Hi John,

      I hope you’re having a great weekend.

      Nothing seemed too harmful in the pool. We swam for about twenty minutes without being bothered by any marine life. I even took a few underwater shots and never noticed anything unnerving. I think it’s pretty safe. Do things in the ocean make you nervous? Sometimes I get freaked out but I try not to think about it.

      have you ever been to Aruba?


  2. Are you still in Aruba? You should check out our donkey sanctuary. Best thing in Aruba! I also work at Arikok in the mornings. Small island so might see you around sometime 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your time on the happy island!


  3. I love Aruba – I have been there several time – my ex-in-laws have a timeshare there. i never went ATV’ing however. One of the best places to eat is El Gaucho- i do not even eat steak – but this is the only place I ever will!

    Enjoy the Divi Divi trees and goats! I always got a big kick out of the goats. & and go snorkleing and see the WW2 wreck!



    • The goats really are funny. they roam around like dogs here. They seem harmless enough but I wouldn’t get too close just in case.

      Have you been to Aruba recently? What’s your favorite adventure here?


      • The last time I was there was when Jordy was 1 1/2 yrs old. He is graduating high school next week!!

        The boys have been there a few more times since and my youngest will be spending spring break there next year.

        They love the food – no surprise! I also loved Baby Beach!


    • You should plan a trip here. It’s one of the most amazing places I’ve visited in my life. I will be returning for sure. 🙂

      What type of vacation do you usually like? Beach? Adventure? Culture?


  4. Quad biking as it is called here in Aus is one of my favourite past times. It is a great way to explore hard to reach spots and gives you a great sense of adventure, with wind in your hair and mud on your boots. Sounds like yuo are having a great time. Keep the posts and pics coming.


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  6. What a great adventure and fun to boot. I’ve been thinking about my bucket list an it’s hard to name all the things I would love to do. But I like your comment about the more outrageous the list the easier they seem to come true and I believe that wholeheartedly.
    I guess it’s true, you’ve got to name it to claim it!
    You’re a great inspiration!


  7. I love traveling & love ATVs. I really think your adventure with the ATVs & in Aruba was exciting. Have you ever gone to any of the places twice after being there once? Would you feel just as excited if you went there again?


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