I Want to Be a Rockstar! Well… the Family Kind

In a few hours, we were able to get more family time in at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarata thanHard Rock Vallarta an entire week at home. We arrived at the Hard Rock at 1:20 pm today and we already enjoyed lunch and dinner together, went for a swim in the pool, walked along the beach, and relaxed on the balcony. Now that Athena has gone to bed, we’re hanging out in the room with a handful of drinks and unlimited room service. I think we’re in for a great week!

We enjoyed a crisp, freshly baked pizza for lunch at Pizzeto’s restaurant when we arrived at the hotel. We each ordered our own, personal toppings and ate next to the pool. It was just a pizza, but we instantly felt the all-inclusive resort lifestyle melt away any stress. How could you feel worried about anything when sitting by the pool in the warm, Mexican sun with a drink in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other?

Hard Rock VallartaAs soon as we finished our lunch, it was time to jump in the pool. Athena had been saying “pool” over and over again all day. She knew what was in store.

Hard Rock VallartaThe pool is Athena’s happy place. She’s always smiling and happy but it seems to show just a little bit more when we’re playing in the pool.

It was only after hours of swimming that Athena was ready to explore the beach. We changed into dry clothes and strolled along the ocean together. Darren and I haven’t had a lot of time together lately since I’d be out of the country more than I was in it so it was the perfect time to stroll hand-in-hand and share a quiet moment together. Athena was winding down from the excitement of the day; she was happy to join in our relaxing walk as a family.

Hard Rock VallartaHard Rock VallartaIt was almost 7 pm before we knew it; the day had flown by. Rather than tiring ourselves out the first day, we decided to head back to the room for room service. With 7 main entree choices available from 11 am to 10:30 pm, we didn’t feel restricted at all. I ordered mixed fajitas served with guacamole and tortillas and Darren ordered enchiladas filled with chicken, covered in green sauce, and served with fried beans. It was enough to share and feed Athena too.

Since Athena went to bed, I only had one worry… how was I going to get the six pina coladas that I ordered up to the room?

Hard Rock VallartaCan I order them for room service? I’ll let you know tomorrow. As for tonight, I’ll make do with my 6 that I managed to get up here.

42 thoughts on “I Want to Be a Rockstar! Well… the Family Kind

  1. I stayed at an all-inclusive resort years ago when I went to Cancun. I loved how convienent it was, however the resort didn’t offer anywhere near what yours did but at that time in my life booze and food was all I needed lol. Love the pics and glad your having fun friend


  2. I’m really enjoying your blog and it looks like you are having great time! My family never really go abroad, which means that when I’m done being an unemployed broke student I want to travel everywhere! 😀


  3. I know that you have a kid en-tow but I hope that you had a chance to visit some of the pueblos south of Vallarta…especially since you are an aventurista! Thanks for liking my blog.


  4. I am in love with your blog, and the idea of a yearly Bucket List. I aspire to do the same thing when I can afford it. I actually have another tab on my computer open to bookit.com looking for a place to go on an all inclusive trip in September. I am going to look into this!!


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  6. That was incredible for a day. I used to go out & about going to the pool 1st & then off to dry off. I then went home to change clothes. I used to actually buy Rockstar, & Monster Energy drinks afterwards, to get going again. I felt like I had so much energy that I was like a rubber ball. Now I just sit at home writing about my experiences. I wonder if I will ever get out to travel some at all!


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