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I’m never in the picture! I’m always the one behind the camera or the one holding the Hard Rock Vallartacamera out taking the shot of everyone. It’s a constant struggle that results in a disappointing photo that can’t capture the background. During my recent trips to Aruba and Hard  Rock Vallarta though, I found a simple, yet fantastic solution. The Pocket XShot Camera Extender is a telescopic arm that holds the camera or video camera and can be extended to take a full picture, including the background. Now I can say, “cheese” because I’m actually in the shot. 

xshotThe XShot Camera Extender attaches to any compact digital camera and features a built-in tripod adapter at the bottom to attach a mini tripod. I used it on both the GoPro and the ATC Chameleon while boogie boarding, zipping down the water slide, snorkeling, and underwater photos. While I was boogie boarding, it took a few tries to position it properly but I was able to get both photos and videos. On the water slide, it was simple. I just held the XShot out and I was in every shot with a great view of the background as well. It was the underwater and snorkeling shots that I was most impressed with while using the XShot. I was able to get closer to marine life without having to hold my breath or dive deeper. For someone a little nervous of snorkeling, or more specifically what’s around me while snorkeling, it’s the perfect solution.

Hard Rock Vallarta Boogie Boarding

Hard Rock Vallarta

Snuba, ArubaThe XShot is the ideal attachment for me as an adventurous traveler on the go. I don’t always have someone around to take a photo for me and I hate asking even when someone is around. Now, even if I’m on my own, I can get the picture.

42 thoughts on “Get the Picture

    • I saw someone with it 6 months ago when I was in Fiji and I feel in love. I don’t know why it took me so long to get it but I’m so happy that I did. It’s fantastic. I bring it everywhere with me in my purse. Perfect!


  1. Hi, Lesley! Love your blog and follow you regularly. But holy, holy, just checked the prices for Hard Rock Vallarta and it’s almost $400 a night. I realize that you’re using your blog as promo and I admire the smarts behind your moves. Would be great if you’d post on budget travel. We struggling writers want to be adventurous, too. Thanks so much, and happy, happy.


    • There are lots of options at Hard Rock with much better prices. If you book it as a package, it is much more reasonable. Plus you get a $1500 resort credit to use for adventures, spa, dining, etc.. When you really look into it, it can be affordable. I do realize, though, that it’s not in everyone’s price range.

      I write about all price point options from hostels to 5 diamond resorts. Let me know what area you’re interested in and I’ll happily make some suggestions or find someone who can 🙂


  2. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those as I am in the same boat…just back from an amazing adventure north of Toronto (Algonquin Park, Muskoka and Perry’s Sound) and all my photos are of everyone else! Must get better at getting photos emailed to me or grab an extender!


  3. Those extending poles are great. I have one for my Drift Cam (like a GoPro) and use it for selfies and it is really good for filming yourself walking. It may sound strange but try it. I have some great footage of my wife and I walking through The Red Square, which i will post up when i get to it.


  4. I having a camera that can stick everywhere is perfect. I love my go pro for video and pics for my Car videos

    But i can see how your Xshot is perfect for what you do


  5. I so need one of these. I get tired of the same picture of my head and a little bit of the background. Purchasing very soon.

    Thanks Leslie and your trip looked amazing. I loved Puerto Vallarta and better than Aruba (but both were a LONG time ago).


  6. Sounds great for somebody who travels as much as you do. You shouldn’t be shy about asking people to take a picture though. People are usually more than happy to do it, especially if you agree to take a picture if they will take a picture of you and your friends! I must have a face that begs “I will take your picture” because I was always getting stopped while I was living in Madrid being asked to take people’s pictures. I never minded. 🙂


  7. The perfect thing for people like me who like the background to be perfect.
    I find myself behind the camera most of the time – as I am never happy with photos others take 🙂


  8. Great shots. I just came from my vacation and I hardly have any photo. Everytime someone takes my photo with my camera it is always out of focus so I don’t even try anymore. I will check this out. Thank you!


  9. Great body boarding photos. I really could do with something like this, as my pictures are usually all of other people, with one or two terrible selfies that show only the top of my head.


  10. ‘i’m never in the picture,’ not a bad commentary really. No doubt sounds like you are not ‘ego’ challenged. Good call


  11. That is awesome, ha, ha! The pictures are hilariously amazing. My sister is into photography, so this will make a great present – thanks! I’m glad you had so much fun on my side of the world :D! The Caribbean FTW!


  12. I’ve had the same problem, always being behind the camera & little to no pictures of myself. I’ve been looking into getting one of these for a while, but I’m glad you tried it and gave it such a great review! Thanks!


  13. Hi Lesley!
    Where did you go to get this camera accessory? I probably find 1 in a camera shop or online. Sometimes I am by myself & find I need a shot of me or family without leaving anyone out. That would help a lot!


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