6 thoughts on “Westin Beach, Aruba

  1. Beautiful lighting. Too bad about the trash on the beach. I like to spend 20 minutes a day when I’m on vacation picking up trash. That’s about how long it takes to fill one Hefty bag full, sadly enough.


  2. It was very clean in Aruba. It seemed like everywhere I went was spotless. It’s unfortunate that there is trash in this photo because it was not that common on the island. I like this picture less now.


  3. I’ve never been much of a beach person. I prefer mountains and forest. Maybe it was the lighting that appealed to me, or the fact it was a better way to enjoy the beach without all that sand all over me.
    Those cups may not be litter which was my first thought also. They might be sandcastle-making cones.


  4. One thing that makes viewing other peoples photos and images is that it triggers memories from my own life. You just given me 15 minutes of joy, thank you!


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