In Case You Miss the Fireworks Tonight

Fireworks-from-Chateau-LaurierI celebrated Canada Day in the nation’s capitol, Ottawa from one of the most beautiful properties in the world, Fairmont Chateau Laurier. It would have been amazing to celebrate Independence Day in the US capitol but maybe I’ll add that to the list for next year. As for today, we celebrated with a few neighborhood friends and now with Athena off to bed I’m settling in for the night and missing the evening festivities. I think as a way of “seeing” more fireworks I’ll share a few of my favorites from Ottawa. If you’ve missed them on Canada Day and you’re not going to get a chance to celebrate this evening, just have a look at a few of the pictures and take a minute to celebrate with me.

On this year’s bucket list, I decided to add visit Ottawa on Canada Day. I contacted Tourism Ontario and Tourism Ottawa and was lucky enough to be able to work with them. When I arrived in Ottawa, I received a package from the front desk clerk at the hotel. As part of my media package, I was invited to the rooftop of Chateau Laurier to watch the fireworks. I didn’t think I would ever even step foot in Chateau Laurier so watching fireworks as a media representative from the rooftop, the best view in the country, was like a Cinderella dream come true.

I’ve often thought about what my life has become… traveling to new countries, interacting with unique cultures, discovering things I didn’t know existed, and diving into extreme adventures. But sometimes my wildest dreams are even restrictive. I would never have imagined myself watching the celebration from atop one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Chateau Laurier is fit for a real-life Cinderella story.

30 thoughts on “In Case You Miss the Fireworks Tonight

  1. Glad you could spend the eve in Ottawa, my adopted town. I was in Toronto myself! But a few years ago I watched the fireworks from a suite in the Chateau Laurier and the evening was spectacular!


  2. Hi Lesley!
    I love the post. That was great being up on top of the roof. I see no one else gets to go there otherwise. I used to get to go to the roofs & see a lot of the city of where I worked when I was a union ironworker. We were there from start to finish on steel buildings & also when moving from job to job & employer to employer. It was great to see a lot of sites that otherwise wouldn’t know were there at all. Thanks & have a great day!


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