What’s Next? 67,105 Miles

Distance around the world = 24,901 miles

Dead Sea, Jordan

Distance I’ll be traveling in the next 4 months:
Curacao – 3,511 miles
New Brunswick – 2,656 miles
Colorado – 1,628 miles
Marseille, France – 8,350 miles
Turkey – 11,154 miles
Hawaii – 9,340 miles
Israel – 12,340 miles
South Africa – 15,950 miles
St. Kitts – 2,176 miles
total = 67,105 miles

That’s 2.69 times around the world in 4 months!

My Curacao journey begins on Saturday. Imagine an island with emerald-blue seas, endless golden sand beaches, multicolored sunsets, water, land, and air adventures for the whole family, and a rich historical heritage. That’s what’s in store for us in Curacao.


Have you ever been? Do you have any family-friendly recommendations?

Stay tuned for my 67,105 mile journey. Which country would you like to visit the most?

83 thoughts on “What’s Next? 67,105 Miles

  1. As always I envy you my friend this sounds like an amazing journey . 2 places I really want to go are Ireland and Antarctica they are on my list.


  2. hi lesley,
    if you have any time. maybe you can come to indonesia. I ‘ m going to invite you to a venturous in indonesia. In my country can you felt differently from the adventure are you doing before. hehehe πŸ˜€


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