A Dream Day for Water Babies

Bucket List Curacao

Athena and I are both water babies. Our heaven is swimming in a pool, a lake, an ocean…. a bath tub. I never feel quite as relaxed or refreshed as during and after swimming. Curacao is a dream for water babies and today was one continuous, unbelievable, pinch me dream made reality.

We started our morning at 7 am. While I was packing and preparing for the day, Athena was running around the hotel room and the patio saying, “Pool. Pool. Pool.” She knew what our day would be like.

Athena in Curacao

Even before breakfast, we went for a swim at the hotel. It was the most refreshing way to start the day. Already hot and sunny, the pool felt cold at first but after the initial adjustment it was soothing. We had an hour before breakfast and we used every minute.

Livingstone Beach Resort

Livingstone Beach Resort

The rest of the day included pristine beach after pristine beach. I kept thinking it couldn’t get any more beautiful yet they were all equally unique, making them more beautiful than the last.

Beach Curacao

Beach Curacao

Livingstone Beach Resort offers two pools and I’m glad I didn’t just stick to the one I knew. Before dinner, Athena and I ventured across the street to another pool and it left me standing there with my mouth agape. Can you even tell where the pool ends and the ocean begins?

Livingstone Beach ResortThe water adventures continue tomorrow but this time we can to include mammals. Watch as Athena swims with dolphins for the first time. I’m too excited to sleep.

39 thoughts on “A Dream Day for Water Babies

  1. I love to be in the water too. Ocean, tub, pool or lake…I just feel so at home in the water. One of my bucket list things is to swim in all five oceans…three to go but two of the coldest still on that list!


    • It has its challenges but every second of adventure is heightened by having children at your side. I love exploring new countries, cultures, and adventures with Athena. Where’s your next trip?


  2. What a beautiful island!! Beautiful picture of you two in the pool and I love the way you’ve captured her energy while she’s waiting for pool time – she’s obviously having a blast!! And, nope, I can’t tell where the pool ends and the ocean begins! Have fun!


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