Innocence Found


Lunch at Pirate Bay, Curacao today was similar to most of my dining experiences here. We relaxed on the beach and listened to the waves gently crash on the shore and the birds sing their playful tune as we enjoyed a casual dining experience. I looked out on the ocean and saw three girls playing at the end of the dock. It made a great photo opportunity so I made my way toward them to see if I could grab a cute photo. They jumped at the chance to be in a picture. (I asked their mom of course.) Although their first language wasn’t English, we easily communicated through laughter, smiles, and hand gestures. Their innocence and playful nature stayed with me all day.

Curacao BeachCuracao Beach

Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again. So happy. So full of joy. So content with the simplest of things. As a mother, I get to relive those moments all over again and that is one of the greatest joys in life.


One of the best moments of the trip so far was watching them play and it didn’t cost a cent. I look forward to taking the leap with Athena… when she’s ready.

35 thoughts on “Innocence Found

  1. Great pictures…the first picture looks a lot like a natural spring that’s close to me. I agree that one of the best things about being a parent is reliving the joy and innocence of childhood a bit!


      • Well I love extreme sports and nature… So I really enjoy your swimming/flying adventures:) What I would love to try is heliskiing though… And surfing in a place where the water is warm and you don’t need a wetsuit, unlike Portugal… Well and bungee jumping, over a river… And skydiving… And I could continue;)


  2. Almost surreal, with those thatched roof huts set against the tropical back drop. Excellent! The kind of place you see in movies that, when you see it in real life, it must be at once mindboggling and relaxing. Life is about finding such places!


    • It’s hard to believe that they exist outside of movies but I’m reminded of the beauty that surrounds us daily and it always brings a smile to my face. Italy is very much like that for me as well. I look forward to returning in the near future. Have you ever been to Curacao?


  3. As a mother you get to relive your childhood through your children … but wait until you’re a grandmother! You get to be a kid again with your grandbabies and watch your children re-live their childhood at the same time. What a hoot! I’ve never had so much fun in my life as I have since my grandparenthood. You have so much joy ahead of you!


  4. Back in my traveling days, I used to carry an English – wherever I was dictionary, and a bag of hard butterscotch candies. It was great fun heading out, giving candy to children while trying to make conversation looking up each word. When I was in Okinawa in the 70’s, I used to go to a non-English speaking bar; we would communicate by drawing pictures on doilies. Great fun! Thanks for bringing those memories back to life.


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