The Board Room

As I was walking along the beach today at the Marriott in Curacao, I saw something that reminded me of how truly blessed I am. I don’t work in an office; and I don’t have a boss, except for Athena. I chose a life of travel, adventure, and new experience and this is my board room!

Marriott CuracaoWhat do you want your board room to look like? 

28 thoughts on “The Board Room

  1. For many years, I was totally self employed and although I worked very hard, it was my choice. I really enjoyed the flexibility and freedom that came with my ‘yob’ (your own business). Having a young family and a husband who’s work times changed weekly, my career allowed me time to be flexible so that I was able to attend the children’s sports events, volunteer at school and church and be the mom that could, most often, be counted on as a source of transportation for them and some of their teammates. As I was able to set my own schedule, summer days were often spent at the beach or park and storm days or teachers’ workshops never posed a problem! I guess my boardroom was pretty varied!


  2. Beautiful! So inspired by your travel (and with a little one too!) With my 2 little ones I feel like my “boardroom” these days is the kitchen! I wouldn’t trade it for the world – but hope to start showing them more of the world soon!


  3. I’m with you on that! Retired at 55, have 2 boardrooms; cabin on a lake, cabin in the woods. Each comes with exactly the kind of work I love to do, and I do it for free! Life just doesn’t get any better!


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