Sea Curacao


From relaxing in calm waters to jumping from piers and cliffs, Curacao offers so many opportunities to enjoy the picturesque beaches, or playas as they are called in the local Papiamentu language, that dot the island. My grandest water experiences were at Playa Kenepa, Cas Abao, and Pirate Bay, but no matter where you go in Curacao, you can easily “sea” your way to a beach. 

Located at the northwest coast of Curaçao, Cas Abao combines a natural country setting with all the conveniences of a full service beach. With white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees, and quaint gazebos for shade, Cas Abao is ideal for swimmers of all ages and its reefs are a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers. There’s a bar, restaurant, showers, massage facility, and dive shop with kayaks, a banana boat, a water trampoline, snorkeling gear, and diving gear. Athena and I reveled in the calm, refreshing waters. With soft sand, gentle waves, and a gradual slope into the water, both Athena and I were at ease. Cas Abao has all the ingredients for a perfect day at the beach.

Curacao's Beaches

Beach Curqacao

At Playa Kenepa, you’ll think that you just stepped onto a movie set because only in the movies could waters be so beautiful. It truly is surreal. Intimate Playa Kenepa doesn’t offer the same amenities as Cas Abao, but its beauty is unmatched. The vista over the beach from the parking area is an excellent photo stop; here you can see people jumping from the cliff or peer down at the pristine beaches below. On the right, a stairway and ramp lead down to the beach. Playa Kenepa offers the same gradual slope into the water, soft sand, and calm waters. Athena and I mingled with a mix locals and tourist. We chatted with a lady from Australia who was also in complete awe of the magnificent beach. Life around us stood still; we were in a water Utopia.


Curacao Beach

Pirate Bay is more of a culinary experience, but it is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. We found three local children jumping from the nearby pier into the water. I was transported back to my playful, childlike self and was transfixed by their welcoming nature and excitement. The spirited atmosphere was contagious and I was anxious to take the leap myself.

Curacao Beach

Curacao Beach

The best beaches in Curacao are not the long, expansive patches of sand found in other islands, but rather smaller, more intimate beaches found in secluded inlets. That’s where I found serenity, playfulness, and fun.

31 thoughts on “Sea Curacao

  1. Spectacular photos! I always think that I’m not a beach person, but these images make me think that I could very happily spend my next vacation at the beach. Definitely looks like a movie set 🙂


  2. It sounds like the Papiamentu language has a Spanish influence. “Playa” means beach in Spanish too.
    The color of the sea is lovely. It reminds me of the sea in Greece, where I have spent quite a lot of time. Have you ever been to Greece?


  3. Beautiful photos. I absolutely love Curacao and have visited there. Lucky to have several friends there who take me to places tourists don’t see. The beaches are beautiful. But, I love the quaint brightly covered houses of the town along the sea.


  4. I love Curacao, I went scuba diving there back in 2000. That is one of the top 3 travel experiences of my life. the other is seeing a whale breach and a glacier calve in Alaska on a cruise.


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