Rainbows Day and Night in Curacao


Curacao’s capital, Willemstad is undeniably one of the gems of the Caribbean. Actually, it was even inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. A magnificent row of a dozen or so pastel shaded buildings line the St. Anna Bay which divides Willemstad into two main communities: Punda and Otrobanda. These buildings create a rainbow that is beautiful both day and night. Do you prefer the day shots or the night shots?

Curacao Downtown

Curacao WillemstedCuracao Downtown NightCuracao Downtown NightWhat is the number one thing that draws you to a destination? Is it the beaches? Maybe the nightlife? Do you prefer culture? Or possibly entertainment? I was drawn to Curacao for the family-friendly activities and the beaches but the architectural beauty and culture surpassed my wildest expectations.

38 thoughts on “Rainbows Day and Night in Curacao

  1. Great pics Lesley. I like the daytime ones best. We enjoyed Curacao very much too. Have you ever been to St. John’s Newfie? I love the colours on display there too. Best wishes, Martin.


  2. Oh my god! Great photography.. what camera do u use? Blog about camera settings. Thank u.. thats a very nice place. I always loe to go to the beach. Wish we could go to thay place.


  3. Night and day shots are good, but I prefer the daytime ones. Cultural differences is what attracts me to a destination. I love the knowledge that is locked up in cultural diversity and I always try and immerse myself as much as I possibly can.


  4. When I was in high school I read the story of a boy growing up in Curacao during World War 2, when it was frequented by German U-Boats looking for Allied shipping to sink. Quite a fascinating book and it painted quite a picturesque picture of Curacao if you could see past the Untersee-Boots. So it is nice to see the pretty Dutch colonial town of the book in colour photos after all of this time (I think that I must have read it in 1994 or 1995).


  5. We found Curacao quite welcoming both visually and face-to-face with the people. In answer to your question – What draws us to a destination? My wife looks at quality-of-life factors like public transportation, food markets, general cleanliness, and so on because we look for places suitable for extended stays. I am drawn to scenic spots, especially mountains. A combination of culture and wilderness sounds ideal to me. BTW – Great photos of Willemstad!


  6. When I worked on the Cruise ship one of our stops every other week was Curacao. The pictures that you’ve posted here are exactly how I remember it 🙂 I loved all of the colorful buildings, and walking across the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge. I remember when we would be getting ready to set sail, being up on deck and looking out as we went under the Queen Juliana Bridge and thinking that Bridge is so dang tall!!! Not knowing at the time it is one of the tallest in the world. Thank you for a great post and bringing back great memories for me 🙂


  7. Beautiful! The night pictures make the colors pop and stand out. I love to travel because of the culture, scenery and the trill of new experiences to write about.


  8. All your photos are wonderful, and I particularly love the day ones with the clouds. So interesting to me how colors are perceived so differently when the light is different than we’re used to (e.g. closer to the equator). I’ve noticed this especially in places like Santa Fe, NM, and Greece, and I can really see it in your pictures here!


  9. Thanks for your great pictures. Rainbow colors there are beautiful, as is the colors of the rainbows of fish and coral while snorkeling, or a dive on their great coral reefs.


  10. I am drawn to London for my holidays. I don’t like flying and I love the culture, pace atmosphere, people, things to do, entertainment and business seminars. I think of it like a second home. I like noise, I enjoy being busy and around people, London is my vibe and most of the time I feel very relaxed there. It is annoying if a tube in cancelled. In June it took me an extra hour and a half to get to my hotel in West Ham because of a cancelled tube. It was almost midnight when I arrived and although the hotel was beautiful because it was new, it wasn’t in a great area. Down a side road, next to a bordered up building with a black arrow painted on it pointing to the hotel. The black arrow was not initially visible because it was dark and I was having trouble finding the road.


  11. My friend recently stayed at the Santa Barbara resort and after he went diving, said the water’s the clearest he’s seen anywhere (and he’s done all the oceans). The Dutch Caribbean is fast becoming a popular region, when you consider Aruba and St Maarten also.


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