Splashtacular – Magic Mountain

Water slide, Magic Mountain

With a 100 foot virtual vertical drop water slide and a skybox drop capsule, we decided that Magic Mountain Waterpark in Moncton, New Brunswick was the perfect place for the “big kids” to spend the day. Athena and Nanny had some quality alone time while Darren and I joined our brothers and sister for a day of fun at Magic Mountain.

My sister, Gabriella, is 11 years old and it was her first time on a water slide. We started out somewhat tame on the Tornado, a tube water slide, to make sure she was comfortable with the adventure. With moments of complete darkness and a few drops, it was the perfect combination of excitement and comfort. She asked questions about how to sit on the tube and what to do at the bottom, and before I knew it, she was racing down the slide. It was one of our favorites; we ran up the hill three times to enjoy it again and again. The wind was chilly, but it wasn’t enough to stop us from having a blast.

Tornado Water Slide, Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain Tornado

The Kamikaze is a 100 foot drop slide where you race along at up to 60 km per hour. My two brothers, Darren’s brother, and Darren anxiously lined-up for the slide. Since I’d done it before, I offered to stay with Gabby and take photos. I felt confident that I was standing far enough back that I wouldn’t get soaked yet I’d still get a good shot. I was right, except for when my older brother, Marshall, came down. He angled his feet in such a way that the water sprayed up like a fountain. As if I was watching the Jet d’Eau, the water shot up to the sky and as he passed….

Water Slide, Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain Water Slide

Gabriella was smart enough to step back but I was drenched from head to toe. Luckily, I was going on another ride and wasn’t the least bit annoyed. It was actually quite funny to see the reaction on everyone’s face as he flew by. One woman thought that he had fallen off of the slide or that something was wrong because she’d never seen anything like it.

I was willing to skip the Kamikaze since I’d already experienced it, but I couldn’t pass up the Torpedo. Its level of craziness was right up my alley. The Torpedo features Canada’s first Skybox drop capsule. I entered the Torpedo through the transparent door and inspected my fate through the transparent floor panel. I took a deep breath before being launched down the ride of my life. The launch angle of the Torpedo has been carefully calculated in conjunction with the speed with which the floor drops out to provide the greatest sensation of weightlessness, while providing a very safe and consistent anticipatory launch. The worker counts to three before the floor panel opens. I couldn’t decide if it would be more scary to close my eyes or leave them open so I went down twice to test it out. Closed eyes leaves you with the element of surprise; you don’t know when the panel is going to drop, but opened eyes allows you to see everything when it lets go. Ultimately, both experiences are awesome. If I had to choose, though, I liked open eyes better.

Magic Mountain, Moncton

Magic Mountain, Moncton

Since Gabriella waited patiently as I rode the Torpedo, I let her choose what to do next. She wanted to cool off in the wave pool and let our cares melt away as we tubed down the lazy river. Some of our favorite memories together are taking funny photos underwater. She’s becoming a strong swimmer too so I no longer need to worry about her while taking underwater shots.

Magic Mountain, Moncton

Magic Mountain, Moncton

I love living in North Carolina and I have no intention of moving back to eastern Canada, but I do miss living close to my family. The hours flew by at Magic Mountain, but all I wanted was for them to stand still. We were doing one of our favorite things in the world (playing in the water) and it was with family, making it even more special. Although Magic Mountain offers splash fun for all ages, sometimes the “big kids” just need to get out and play.

27 thoughts on “Splashtacular – Magic Mountain

  1. I just spent the last several weeks visiting with family. I love to travel everywhere, but being with family is the best. Added the park to my list–we are planning a vacation 2014 to Canada.


  2. Wow, some of those look out of my league, I guess the older I get the braver I get, but my body can’t handle it! Thanks for letting us live your adventure vicariously.


  3. Cool descriptions of the rides! Everything sounds like fun and the torpedo must be an absolute ball!! Every once in awhile I go to Hershey Park with my family and we have a similarly festive, adrenaline fueled time together 😀


  4. Wow, I think I also should go for a swim someday. It’s very hot here in Shanghai where it reached 40 C during mid day. Thanks for sharing the photos. Cheers!


  5. Looks amazing! I haven’t been to a waterpark since I was around Gabriella’s age, but still remember it clearly. Bet she’s going to have wonderful memories of hanging out and having an adventure like this with her big sister 🙂


  6. YAY- The Kamikaze, I still remember my first time down that slide, felt like it was never going to stop dropping, then I realized my shorts were around my ears! Great post reminding us maritimers of home!


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