Do You Want to Fulfill Your Extreme Dream?

Selkirk Tangiers Skiing

Last year, we made bucket list dreams come true for a few lucky readers. Brian Bailey of British Columbia, Canada dreamed of heli-skiing at one of the best resorts in the world and we at Bucket List Publications, with the support of Selkirk Tangiers and Revelstoke Mountain Resort, made that dream come true. Another reader, Ian, raced a stock car with GASS Racing School. Others went skydiving, rafting, riding in a limo, and enjoying the luxury of a spa day. We also arranged several weekend getaways and adventures for our devoted followers. You can read about their experiences here. All they had to do was dream; we provided the rest. Do You Want to Fulfill Your Extreme Dream? We have a friend willing to help. 

The Extreme Bucket List is looking for a compelling human interest story where the end result will be fulfilling a dream to swim with sharks or to do something extreme! Do you fit the mold? Email [email protected] with your story and make your extreme dream come true.

I’m living my bucket list; I can’t wait to hear about your dream come true.

The more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve.

19 thoughts on “Do You Want to Fulfill Your Extreme Dream?

  1. I just want to go to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and ride horses on the beach and swim in the Caribbean with them. That would make my life more complete and, be an extra special way to show my appreciation to my sister who sticks by me through everything from doctors’ appointments to surgeries. The poor girl works to jobs to support us and always seems positive. She really needs a great vacay.


  2. My future wife and I have been very rich in life with the amount of blessings we have received. She has fought and won against stage 4 cancer and after being told she may never walk again, teaches children dance 5 days a week. We fell in love on the dance floor(we are both ballroom dancers) and have dreamed about going to Argentina and dance in the Milongas. This may not seem as extreme as jumping out of an airplane, but this is a daunting task to learn and one of the most intimidating thing to get out on a floor full of people who dance much differently than you do. We have not had the chance to dance together much, as life has gotten in the way, and that would be a huge bucket list cross off for both of us :).


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