It’s 2 O’Clock in the Morning


It’s 2 am and the streets of Marseille are still alive. People move about as if it were the middle of of the day. From my balcony at La Résidence Hotel, I can safely watch the night move. It’s elegant, graceful, peaceful. Even the sound of scooters passing by is a low humming lullaby. It’s my last night in Marseille and I want the culture and and beauty to follow me into my dreams. 

Here’s a glimpse into my Marseille.

Marseille-by-Night Marseille-by-Night Marseille-by-Night Marseille-by-Night Marseille-by-NightI’ll save the sleep for when I’m back in the US. For now, I’m going to continue listening to that dreamy French accent as Marseille walks by below.

49 thoughts on “It’s 2 O’Clock in the Morning

  1. Feels lovely.
    I washed up in Marseille on my first foreign trip abroad completely on my own. (There were supposed to be half a dozen of us, but one by one…) I met a British soldier invalided out of paratrooper training and he took me on the back of his bike to Avignon, where the fringe festival was underway after dark. It was odd and fantastical to my eyes – which were open a lot wider by the time I moved on again.


  2. It has been an incredible love affair for me. I knew I would love France before I ever visited. I did my research and there couldn’t have been a better fit. I spent six weeks with a rail pass and a backpack then heavy hearted I returned to California to sell my house. That is nearly six years ago and I love it more each day. Life is too short for regrets! 🙂


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