Casa de Campo Spa: Tropical Tranquility

Casa de Campo Spa

After three days of skeet shooting, horseback riding, water sports, and golf lessons, a morning at the spa was a heavenly treat. Casa de Campo Spa pampers guests with complete Caribbean tranquility. A sanctuary offering soothing, sensual experiences, indigenous spa treatments pay homage to the Dominican Republic’s native lands and culture incorporating tropical fruits, bamboo cane, sugar cane, peppermint, and coffee-mint into treatments. My tailored massage lifted away tension and focused on the golfer’s and marksmen’s problem areas. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. It was the ideal ending to my sporting life experience.  

Casa de Campo Spa

Being the “Country Club of the Caribbean,” The Spa at Casa de Campo caters to its sport aficionados with tailor-made massages including a Golfer’s Pro Massages utilizing golf balls as therapeutic remedies lifting away tension in strain-susceptible areas. Other personalized appointments range from a Bull’s Eye Massage focusing on the marksmen’s upper body and rifle resting spots (shoulders, necks and arms), to a Polo Stretching Massage for avid equestrians promoting muscle stimulation and alleviating common joint aches. My problem was that I’d dabbled in all three areas of sports and my body was retaliating.

Casa de Campo Spa

I yielded to the healing power of touch as the luxury spa technician masterfully worked her magic. I walked in feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. My collar bone was bruised and swollen from skeet shooting, my arms were tired and achy from golfing, and my legs were tight from horseback riding. My whole body had been worked over from the sporting life, but in one hour she melted my tension away.

Normally, I find the pressure of massages to be too intense for me. I leave feeling more tense than before I arrived and I’m often left wondering, “what’s the point?” Today was a totally different experience. I knew from the moment that I met the technician that it was going to be soothing. She was soft spoken and projected an air of relaxation. I rested comfortably on the table and she began to massage my upper body. I could feel the knots in my back being worked out and the tension in my shoulders releasing with each movement.

By the time she was finished, I had melted into a dream-like trance. My euphoric state was almost paralyzing. It took me several minutes just to roll off of the table and saunter into the changing room.

I spent the rest of the morning relaxing by the pool thinking about the uniqueness of my massage and what made it so perfect. The temperature of the stones, the right amount of pressure, the exact positioning, the level and choice of music, the calming demeanor of the technician, and the temperature of the room all mingled together in perfect harmony.

Casa de Campo Spa

I was proud to be lying on the table in such a condition too. Each ache reminded me of my accomplishments and experiences over the last few days. Spa escapes become more invigorating through play.

23 thoughts on “Casa de Campo Spa: Tropical Tranquility

  1. Reading about your experience made me feel relaxed as well. The best spa in my area is the spa at the hotel Hershey which is absolutely amazing. Imagine being bathed in chocolate 🙂 🙂 Great post!


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your massage. It made me relax a lil and reminder me its time for me to get one soon! The Spa sounds like heaven on earth. Maybe I’ll add it to my bucket list? 🙂 KC


  3. Ahh yes THE SPA! I had a massage here once too and it was indeed wonderful. It looks like you had a very nice time at Casa de Campo. I love the place too…it’s like a world of its own.


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  5. This is beautiful … I have family there. I mean No disrespect, but it just seems atypical that the only dark faces are the help and like so many other Resort States Countries or Continents the people lounging or having such fun are white. I will admit to the talk whispers and anger about this stuff since I can remember. It just is so wrong! Complicit corrupted relationships … is so upsetting ~~ correct me if I am wrong


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