A Bonding Experience – Dolphin Quest


Family vacations are about bonding experiences and the more interactive the experience, the more likely a family is to bond. At Hilton Waikoloa Village, Dolphin Quest is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with dolphins while bonding with your family. Today, Darren and I explored the world of dolphins; and in doing so, we connected more with each other.

We were first introduced to the dolphins in the shallow water. During this “get to know you” session, we fed, kissed, and held the dolphins. Happily, I kissed and fed the male dolphin. He was calm and gentle. I felt at ease like it was an everyday encounter. Darren’s endless grin suggested the same experience. He laughed when the dolphin splashed and played and he listened intently to every word from the instructor. When we were able to hold the dolphin together, I looked at the expression on Darren’s face and it made my day. We weren’t just bonding with the dolphins, we were bonding with each other.

Dolphin Quest, Waikoloa

Dolphin Quest, Waikoloa

The next portion of the encounter allowed us to dive in and go for a swim with the dolphins. We pulled on a mask for fantastic underwater views as the dolphins spun, flipped, and seemed to fly through the water. It was like magic. One second they were rushing by below and the next second they were soaring gracefully through the air. Their speed was astounding. I’d never been able to watch the dolphins below with a mask before. It added a more interactive, personal touch to the encounter. We were more a part of their world rather than watching from above.

Dolphin Quest, Waikoloa

During the Encounter Deluxe, we smiled, laughed, and and had loads of fun together. It was an intimate experience, allowing Darren and I to hold a dolphin as a team, learn about their behaviors and actions, and experience their playful ways. As we shared the unique, personal adventure together, it reminded me of Darren’s playful, inquisitive nature and put a permanent smile on my face.

Hours later, we’re still grinning and chatting about the dolphin fun. Plus, we took home some big smile moments in photos that will remind us of our happiness for a lifetime. The more we grow old together, the younger at heart we become.

33 thoughts on “A Bonding Experience – Dolphin Quest

  1. Wow, what a experience and one that I would love to try. Have always loved dolphins and to be able to learn about them and swim with them would be fantastic. Glad that you and Darren had so much fun and a great bonding experience!


  2. I too love times like this – travelling with our kids and learning to dive together was the most amazing activity I have ever done. We were on a level playing field and I had the luxury of not only learning with them but observing their styles of learning, getting to know them on a deeper level and experiencing myself and my husband all at the same time. Have a great time in Hawaii 🙂


  3. Swimming with the Dolphins is one of my favorite things to do. (Even though I only did it once). Glad you had a good time. You are here for the perfect Bucket List Moment. Tuesday night is the premiere of Hawaii Five-O at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki. Lots of celebs, red carpet,The Jonas Brothers are doing a concert after the show, and you can see the movie first before it shows on TV on Friday. If you have time, I recommend it. Say hi to my friend Wade from KINEFM if you do go. I suspect I will be working, but may stop by. oh btw, Welcome to Oahu! More info on Hawaii Five O premiere at streetzblog: http://wp.me/p1Dj0A-xP


  4. Swimming with dolphins has been a life long dream of mine and something I will definitely do one day, soon I hope! It looks and sounds like you had a fantastic experience, one to look back and smile about for years to come 🙂


  5. What a great memory you just made together. My best memory with my first husband was scuba diving together, when the instructor put our two hands together and let us swim together, almost alone. We were married almost 30 years. Less than a year later my husband died of cancer, but I have that memory forever.


  6. I love it! Who knew that swimming and bonding with dolphins could be a great way to improve family relationships, in particular, the marriage? It’s different, adventurous and sounds romantic! Thanks for sharing your experience.


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  8. Some years ago I was kayaking off the coast of West Wales when I spotted a fin knifing through the sea towards me. At first I thought ‘shark’ but it was a dolphin. It swam up to the kayak and dived underneath it, came nose-up on the other side, rolled over alongside for me to lean on it and scratch its belly, pushed the kayak around in circles ………… spent I don’t know how long just playing, I lost all track of time. It gave me an amazing sense of peace and calm like I have never known before or since. You’ll remember swimming with that dolphin all your life.


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