A Front Row Seat to Whale Watching

Yesterday, Darren and I had a front row experience with pilot whales thanks to Captain Zodiac. Kona Hawaii’s most experienced rafting company, Captain Zodiac Raft Expeditions was established in 1974. Our captain, Colin, took us on an intimate journey to Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii’s finest marine preserve and the site of Captain Cook’s Monument, but it was the journey that ended up being the best destination.

Before we even arrived at the snorkeling site, we found a pod of pilot whales enjoying the Hawaiian sun. Rather than just taking photos, Darren and I captured them on video.

Surrounded by whales larger than our 24 foot zodiac, I felt a new appreciation for life below. It doesn’t get much more natural or beautiful than our Captain Zodiac experience.

18 thoughts on “A Front Row Seat to Whale Watching

  1. my family went whale watching off the big island of Hawaii a few years ago, The whales swam around, beside and under our small boat; it wasn’t until I got home and was telling someone about the experience and they asked why I wasn’t afraid, that I realized just how amazing it was!


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  3. Have been whale watching in Kaikoura in New Zealand. Sadly had a mighty Sperm whale washed up on our local shore. He had been shot, and was still warm when I touched him. The authorities said he around 60 years old.


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