Recognizing Greatness

Ben, over at Flights. Camera. Satisfaction. always catches my interest with his unbelievable photos, catchy titles, and great publications. He’s a British expat living in Geneva, Switzerland. He works full time as a software developer, but his passion is exploring and inspiring others to do the same though his photography.
We love his photography so much that it’s featured weekly on Bucket List Publications. You can find examples here. Thanks for the inspiration, Ben. Returning to Geneva, Switzerland is now on my list.

16 thoughts on “Recognizing Greatness

  1. I was there just last month, definitely want to go back at some point. I’m also a developer so maybe I should try to become a South African expat there who takes some good photos too 😛


  2. My pleasure Lesley! Travelling with a camera is my biggest passion, I’m just glad that the Internet gives me a platform from which to share my journey and hopefully inspire others. And by having a spot on Bucket List Publications you’ve given me the opportunity to reach more people. I really appreciate that chance, thank you!


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