Keauhou’s Awe-Inspiring Views from Sheraton Kona

Sheraton Kona

Along The Big Island’s sun-kissed leeward coast, sits the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa, but when the Hawaiian sunset isn’t the most spectacular view of the evening, you know you’ve found something special. The revitalized Sheraton Kona offers diverse landscapes in every direction. From the dramatic lava cliff shoreline to “Rays on the Bay”, Sheraton is a bucket list location. 

We arrived at the resort just before sunset. After checking-in and slowly making our way to our room, we opened our suite door to a magnificent sunset. I walked out on the balcony and forgot about everything else. I sat in the chair and watched the sun go down for 30 minutes. Darren joined me and nothing else existed. We didn’t even chat very much; we just held hands and marveled at the beauty that surrounded us. Our action-packed week of adventures led to this glorious moment of calm.

Sheraton Kona Sunset

Rejuvenated, we walked down to dinner at Rays on the Bay. Dramatically lit by fire pits in the center of each table, Rays on the Bay is the only Hawaii Island restaurant built on lava cliffs so close to the ocean it offers a perfect view to Keauhou’s resident giant manta rays every evening. We ate our dinner and watched as two majestic rays spun and glided through the shallow ocean water. It was like being at a dinner theater with live entertainment performing before our very eyes. As stunning as the sunset was, it was the manta rays that left us in complete awe. We didn’t think we’d get to enjoy their presence again after the night snorkel with them but there they were, dancing again with grace and fluidity.

Rays on the Bay, Sheraton Kona

The next morning we explored the rest of the property. The lava cliff shoreline was a stark contract to the green grass and palm trees. The crisp, white building added to the boldness of colors. We felt like we were on a movie set because it was such a perfect backdrop.

Sheraton Kona Grounds

Sheraton Kona

Two days at Sheraton Kona was not enough. The sunset, the manta rays, and the contrasting grounds left us wanting more. We look forward to returning to Keauhou’s most awe-inspiring views.

23 thoughts on “Keauhou’s Awe-Inspiring Views from Sheraton Kona

  1. Recognized this great hotel almost instantly as hubby and I stayed here on our honeymoon in 2006. Our room was the one you pictured on the far left. Watched people diving right out in front of our lanai in the evening to see the rays. Dramatic views, and dining out on the lanai was wonderful plus location is great for exploring this side of The Big Island. Great job!


  2. Sheer breathlessness. 😀
    An odd thought crossed my mind when the photo of the white building above came into view. Made me think of the Easter Island head sculptures, except with their faces tilted up a bit to feel the sun. Especially with the side view of the first and second jutting out buildings. 😉


  3. I’m enjoying your stay there! In January it will become a reality – 2 1/2 glorious months in heaven! Thanks so much for showing us!


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  5. Ahhhhh YESSSSS!!! Been to the Big Island twice- stayed at The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows. It’s truly the most magical, wonderful, beautiful, awe-inspiring place. I miss it dearly- it was nice just to read your thoughts about it and see the pics ❤


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