What I Learned from Wine Tasting at Marriott’s Harbour Lake


A wine tasting social took place at Marriott’s Harbour Lake this evening at 6 pm. Although I’m here alone, I decided to go solo. I figured that most people vacationing here are regular travelers; that’s why they’re part of a vacation club. I put on a dress, as well as a garbage bag over my head since I forgot my umbrella, and walked to the Den, which is where the social was being hosted. There were a total of 7 people, 5 wines, cheese and crackers, and endless travel conversation. It was an ideal blend. 

Our host, Emily, introduced each wine before we began tasting it. I liked knowing what to expect before bringing it to my lips. Sometimes she just explained what region it was from while other times she explained what flavors to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with a HandCraft Pinot Noir from California. The aftertaste had a chocolate linger that I wanted to savor.

Wine Tasting at Marriott's Harbour Lake

Wine Tasting at Marriott's Harbour Lake

The other glass that livened my taste buds was Brancott Estate, a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Amazingly fresh, this wine combined bright, green grassy notes with lively grapefruit freshness and some generous peach and melon richness. It was the type of wine that can sneak up on you. With a fruity taste, a few glasses would go down smooth.

I chose wisely with seating. On one side of me was a couple that had collectively traveled to more than 150 countries. Our conversation flowed easily and with more wine came more conversation. On the other side of me was a couple who also enjoyed travel and took a genuine interest in my adventures. At no point did I feel awkward or uncomfortable, except maybe for my lack of wine knowledge.

Wine Tasting at Marriott's Harbour Lake

Our young host provided the most inspirational conversation during the evening. In her early twenties, she is already well-read and well-traveled. Her knowledge of wine put me to shame and I envision her surpassing all of our travels combined. She has big dreams and direction. I’ve been noticing that more and more often lately and I love every second of it. The more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve.

Wine Tasting at Marriott's Harbour Lake

It was after 8 pm before we brought the tasting to a close. I felt like I spend the night with friends. When you have a passion for life and travel, it’s enough of a connection to provide hours of conversation. It’s nights like tonight that remind me why I travel.

I still know very little about wine but I learned that regardless of age or home town, a lust for travel brings out a beautiful passion and attitude about life in people. When I put myself out there and attend social events, even if they are outside my knowledge base, I’m always happy with the results. I like to get out there, learn about different people and cultures, and experience new things. Life is worth living.

*This journey was made possible with help from Marriott Vacation Club; however, as you probably know by now, all opinions & thoughts are my own.*

42 thoughts on “What I Learned from Wine Tasting at Marriott’s Harbour Lake

      • champagne – dry and very cold for celebrations

        cold rhoditis ( a greek rose ) for dining outside at a greek restaurant in summer

        chianti – an italian red that never dissapoints for a general table wine

        and big dry cabs for dinner

        I can offer a few suggestions of some specific wines we enjoy if you like.


      • I love big reds Cabernet’s from California, or big Shiraz’s from Australia. When it is hot I prefer the bubbles of a. Ice glass of champagne, sparkling wine, Rosé, or buttery Chardonnay. The choices are endless. That said, it comes down to what ever is on the wine list, which in turn decides the meal. Most times. Have a wonderful time in Orlando. never was my favorite place even with Mickey not far away. The only fond memory of the place was seeing Disney World with my daughter Stephanie, several years ago. I am sure the rain won’t stop you from doing what you want, as it is at least a warm rain. cheers!


  1. I loved this… The best moments are usually found when we least expect it–love, friendship, kinship, gratitude–all we have to do is suit-up and show up with an open and willing heart and mind. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you for your beautiful comment. I’m too often afraid to do things on my own. I grew up with a huge family and being alone was rare. Now that I’m an adult and a mother, I’m trying to step outside of my comfort zone. I want to teach my daughter that the entire world is at our finger tips if we just reach but she learns from me so I need to be a continuous role model. It’s truly life changing being a mother. I see life so differently.


  2. Sipping a glass of Pinot Noir myself tonight, while perusing, I came across this post, and particularly the image of the cheese. Now , I need to GET UP, and go DOWNSTAIRS and find some CHEESE! Life is tough! M 🙂


  3. Great minds must think alike. I just posted on my blog about attending a wine tasting too. LOL
    My favorite from my tasting was Folie a Deux Chardonnay Sonoma RRV because it felt like I was drinking the essence of summertime.


  4. When the wine is flowing, there is always good conversation and for good reason! 🙂 My dad is a wine snob, he got his certified specialist of wine certification last year and studied with a discipline I’m not even sure I’d be capable of (and unsurprisingly got one of the highest scores on the exam). He is not a sommelier so I think he mostly got the certification for bragging rights.

    And you’re not alone not understanding wine. I just know whether it’s red or white. Beyond that, it’s all gibberish!


    • I even try hard to listen and take in what others are saying about the flavors or locations but in the end I still leave without a clue. This isn’t even my first wine tasting but I’m still clueless. 😉


  5. That sounds awesome and fun! I used to be a bit of an anti-social back in the day, but as I grew older (still only 22) I realized that life isn’t worth living if I am just going to hide in my room. Just engage with people on a daily basis and see how your world changes. Just talking to a cashier at the grocery store can change your outlook and theirs. Awesome read here.


    • That was a large part of the reason we moved to North Carolina. I meet new people daily just by getting out to the grocery store or even for a walk. I love how social everyone is in the community. It creates a family-feel.

      I hope that we both continue to grow in social settings 🙂


  6. I love Pinot Noir but then I don’t think I’d turn down any glass of red.
    This wine tasting you attended sounds like a neighbourhood get together even though everyone comes from neighbourhoods far apart. Cozy evening.


  7. Hey Lesley,

    Long time since we last chatted! Hope you’ve been well. I’m giving this blog thing another go under my own last name this time (I’ve ditched the Kincaid). Thanks as always for your continued support. 🙂


      • Hi Lesley, actually I am an old dyed in the wool wine drinker, preferring bold French reds and German whites. But that does not stop me from drinking wine from anywhere. There are some fabulous wines available from all over the world, so to find your absolute favorite you would have to sample them all. That is the quest that I am on, you can join me any time you wish. Today I am sampling a Merlot from the Stoneleigh vineyard, it went down very well with my steak.


  8. “The more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve.”
    LOVE this! And what a beautiful post! Thanks for stopping by my blog, so that I could discover yours. Wine, conversation, and conviviality…hurray for one of life’s happiest combinations!


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