I’m Just a Big Kid at Marriott’s Harbour Lake

Water Area for Kids, Marriott Vacation Club

I missed the Adult Yoga this morning because I was too busy playing in the water fun zone at Marriott’s Harbour Lake, but I’m not about to pass up the chance to play Big Family Volleyball with the biggest ball ever or Water Balloon Toss at Harbour Field. I’m just a big kid who prefers hours of water fun and childlike games more than any “mature” activities. Marriott’s Harbour Lake is designed for kids and kids at heart like me.Β 

After breakfast this morning, I went directly to the pool, grabbed a towel, and ran to the top of the water slide. What really put a smile on my face, though, was that I wasn’t the only adult on the slide. A man, albeit with two children, was racing me up the steps to rush back down the slide. He even asked if we could go down head first. I also heard him ask his one of his sons which theme park they wanted to visit and the son replied, “Can’t we just stay here? This is so much fun.” Clearly, we were all water slide lovers.

Water Slide, Marriott Vacation ClubDuring my first run, I stood at the top of the slide and noticed the water was rushing at a pretty good pace. Following the slide to the bottom with my eyes, I could tell it was going to be a quick trip. I sat down, the temperature was neither too hot or too cold, and gave myself a big push. I was off and sliding.

The first corner was quick but rather level. Then, an unexpected drop left me with a surprised expression followed by a huge smile. I understood why they posted height restrictions; this was an adventurous ride.

Harbour Lake, Marriott Vacation ClubBefore I knew it, I was around another corner and ready to take a dip. I grasped the camera tighter, took the plunge, and still emerged with a smile on my face.

Marriott Vacation ClubI lost my glasses in all the excitement but after shuffling my feet a few times and feeling around under water I found them in the pool. I was ready to go again.

One hour is the limit I put on pool fun for one morning. I’m usually wrinkly by that time and try to save some excitement for other activities. Today, I need to dry off and change for Big Family Volleyball followed by the Iron Chef Competition. I do have a few hours between the competition and Family Movie Night and I bet you’ll find me back in the pool. I can’t help myself; it’s my Heaven.

*This journey was made possible with help from Marriott Vacation Club;Β however, as you probably know by now, all opinions & thoughts are my own.*

30 thoughts on “I’m Just a Big Kid at Marriott’s Harbour Lake

    • I’ll be home for the entire month of November and I’m going to start decorating and painting my new home πŸ™‚ I do love being on the road and exploring new places and cultures. Isn’t travel wonderful? πŸ™‚


      • Dear Lesley,
        First of all, I would like to thank you, because you finally answered to my comment and I am very glad for that! I deeply appreciate your kind attention and time you spent on that, as I see that you are too busy! Well, I have not been in Florida yet 😦 I would rather say – unfortunately haven’t been yet. I hope one day I’ll be there and will have the same blast! πŸ™‚ I am sincerely glad for you. Besides, I like to follow your blog. I hope you like mine, too.



        • I try to get to every comment but with dozens+ per post, it’s difficult to get to all of them while traveling. I do appreciate the time it takes to read and comment though, and I’ll continue to check out your blog regularly.

          Have a great day,



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  2. Thanks for liking my posts. I hope life is finding you well and happy! You do so many things that I would never be able to do. Fear of heights! But glad you are enjoying it! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day!


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