The World is at My Doorstep

Third Rock Fire Pit Art

When I’m responding to other travelers, I usually sign off with, “May the world be at your doorstep” and a few days ago it arrived at mine.

Darren and I are planning our backyard. It is 50 feet of open space followed by another 60 feet of treeline. We want to create an outdoor space that is as welcoming and unique as our home. You won’t find typical furniture, design, or colors inside or out. We’ve designed and made our own furniture including tables, artwork, and benches; we purchased furniture from craigslist and refurbished it to bring it alive; and we’ve found inspiration on Pinterest to create something new and original. Now, our backyard is in our sights and we are dreaming big. I envision making it a world of its own and that vision is becoming a reality.

While searching for landscaping and outdoor ideas, I found a site called Fire Pit ArtΒ with a slogan of “a gathering place for family and friends”. It instantly grabbed my attention. That’s exactly what I’m searching for: a place for my family and friends to gather on a regular basis, a place that feels like home. I scrolled through the main page and found a fire pit designed with inspiration from the sea – Manta Ray. The Manta Ray Fire Pit mimics the gentle wings of the giant Manta. My recent manta ray experience in Hawaii was one of the most beautiful water experiences of my life. I imagined the Manta Ray Fire Pit in my backyard and telling stories about Hawaii each time someone asked me about it. It had purpose and meaning for Darren and I. I don’t know what possessed me to keep looking because it was a great fit for our lifestyle and outdoor direction, but I continued searching through the site.

Manta Ray Fire Pit Art

Then, I saw it at the bottom of the page as if hidden like a precious gem.Β Third Rock – Earth and all its glory reveal a fiery inner core through the continents of our planet.Β The world would be at my doorstep. After two years of saying it to others, it became a reality for me. It was the accumulation of the last two years of my life. I saw travel, beauty, adventure, boldness, and individuality within a fire pit.

Fire Pit Art - Third Rock

I believe that my backyard will be as unique as my life. It’s the only piece that I have so far. Right now, it’s still in its massive box sitting in the driveway waiting to tell its story, but I’m not in a rush to place it. Creating something beautiful, unique, and worthwhile takes time.

26 thoughts on “The World is at My Doorstep

  1. Ha ha! That globe is really the pits! How appropriate for our never-ending global crisis. Reminds me of the Alicia Keys hit song “This World is On Fire”, or something like that that.


  2. I like the way you think Lesley and I like to see the results of your ideas and your thinking. (Also to know that somethings take a longer time to be realised – two years) This is an incredibly beautiful piece of art, oh and fire pit! Thanks for sharing…


  3. Hi Lesley, I’ve really been enjoying your blog posts – keep it up! I’ve been thinking about creating a bucket list for myself next year thanks to your blog (although mine will probably be less focused on travelling due to lack of funds!) Thanks for checking out my Every Week is Green blog, it’s lovely to be getting some likes! Take care, Joanna πŸ™‚


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