Groovy New Stroller

Joovy Groover Stroller

It seems like just when you feel comfortable with a baby product, it’s time to change again. I loved Athena’s car seat/stroller system. I had it from her birth until now. It was familiar and easy to use but she no longer fits in the car seat. I do have her jogging stroller, which is absolutely perfect when it comes to sun coverage and durability, but it’s too heavy and too big to use on a regular basis. So it’s time to switch again. I knew exactly what I wanted in a stroller; I wanted something sturdy and lightweight with great sun coverage and a large basket for storage underneath. I found the Joovy Groove and it has everything I wanted and more. We’re all set for another couple of years… at least when it comes to a stroller.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the strong aluminum frame attached to a beautiful, blue fabric. It only took me five minutes to pop on the wheels and attach the canopy, which was a one-time set-up. It took me a few more minutes to read the instructions before placing Athena in the stroller. I didn’t automatically know how to open it even though I have a Joovy jogging stroller. After reading the instructions, I undid the lock and stepped on the silver latch near the base of the stroller. It opened easily and was simple. We were ready to give it a try.

Joovy Groover Stroller

I placed Athena in the seat and adjusted the 5-point harness and the removable shoulder pads. With the bright sun shining down on us, I opened the over-sized canopy to give her eyes relief and her face protection. The massive canopy blocked the sun even when we were faced it directly and the covered viewing window allowed me to see her while walking.

Joovy Groover Stroller

I was carrying the garage door opener, my phone, a blanket, a diaper and wipes, and water bottles for both Athena and I. The mesh pockets were perfect for the garage door opener and my phone and the cup holders held both water bottles. There was a zippered storage pocket too but I didn’t need it on this walk. I placed the blanket, the diaper, and the wipes in the large basket below and I was instantly in love with the stroller. The basket was huge and open enough to fit larger items. (That was a major problem with the last stroller. There were two bars across the top of the basket, making it almost impossible to fit anything.)

Joovy Groover Stroller

As we were walking, I watched to see if Athena was comfortable. It didn’t take long to get the answer because she was asleep before we reached the top of our street. Obviously the comfort of the stroller was to her liking. I wanted to recline the seat but I didn’t look at the instructions beforehand. I worried that it would be difficult but I noticed a latch on the back of the seat. When I loosened it, she slowly lowered to a 149 degree angle. I put the blanket over her and she napped for the next 45 minutes while I walked.

Joovy Groover Stroller

The wheels rolled nicely on both pavement and grass and Athena had a smooth ride. She didn’t wake up when we returned home so I chatted with a neighbor for several more minutes before she finally woke up, happy and alert.

Joovy Groover Stroller

Operation “new stroller” was a huge success. Sometimes I feel like I have to be a rocket scientist just to assemble and use Athena’s toys and baby products, but the Joovy Groove was an exception. It was simple to assemble, easy to use, and provided every feature I wanted. A great stroller is something that I can cross of the list for the next two years.

*I received the Joovy Groove from Joovy for review; however, as you probably know by now, all opinions & thoughts are my own.*

17 thoughts on “Groovy New Stroller

  1. Nice! We really love our Uppa Baby G-Lite, but wish we had bought the G-Luxe for the recline. (At the time, we wanted lightest possible, and my son didn’t need the recline. We did not anticipate my daughter would be a diva who insisted on it to sleep).

    We are considering the Joovy Caboose Ultralight for an upcoming trip. If we purchase it, I’ll let you know how it works for two, should you go that route 😉


    • I’d love to hear about the Joovy Caboose Ultralight! Please let me know how it goes. I’ll even post the review on Bucket List Publications. Lots of other parents are in a similar situation with two kids. 🙂


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