Where are all the Good Guys? At Charlotte Motor Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway Goodguys

You got me; I admit it! I don’t know much about “Good Guys”, at least not the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association. Goodguys promotes and produces some of the world’s most dynamic automotive events, but I couldn’t tell you what’s under the hood of a custom car or what would make a car stand out for an award. So why did I want to go to the Goodguys Annual Southeastern Nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend? Well, I don’t have to be a car expert to appreciate their beauty. Strolling along pit road looking at the top cars in the “Builder’s Choice” corral, I thought about the type of person that owned each car and the care they put into making it so special. I imaged what cars would make it to the top ten. But I’m not an expert; you tell me which cars are “top ten worthy”. Why would one make the cut over another? Use these photos as clues. Are there any “goodguys” car experts out there? Don’t blow a gasket, but I based my choices on a similar scale for judging hot men. I looked at the body, the muscle under the hood, the originality, its performance, and the overall maintenance.

With over 3,000 of the South’s hottest rods and coolest customs in the heart of NASCAR county, there were lots of choices.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites:

The Unassuming Nerd 

Goodguys Annual Southeastern Nationals

The Red Head with a Hemi
Goodguys Annual Southeastern Nationals

The Stallion Goodguys Annual Southeastern Nationals

The Bronco Goodguys Annual Southeastern Nationals

The SurferGoodguys Annual Southeastern Nationals

The Mystery Man (He looks good from afar, but can you trust your judgement?)Charlotte Motor Speedway Goodguys

What’s your preference?

This post is just as much for the ladies as the men.

29 thoughts on “Where are all the Good Guys? At Charlotte Motor Speedway

  1. I love this post; and I understand where you are coming from. I don’t know the first thing about what is under a hood, but I enjoy a smokin hot car that goes fast. My favorite out of these cars you showed was the Stallion, with the Surfer coming in second.


  2. As much as I like the old classics, I like a little bit of an edge and adventure as well. This is why my favorite is the Stallion, with the Surfer in second. I may not know whats under the hood, but I know a beautiful car when I see it.


  3. beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder when it comes to cars. I have devoted my life to them and most of my friends are car enthusiasts as well but let me tell you they all have very different tastes. personally the Rod up the top is my favorite, Form over function is definitely my style haha. the judges however would be looking for originality, style and the overall quality of the build. Some judges really do appreciate builds when they are done by the owner or have a really good story behind them as well. I recently came home from the first car show iv’e ever entered with three trophies. my Falcon may not have been the cleanest build there but they loved the style of it, the fact that my Dad and I had built it in our backyard on a 17 year old’s budget and the fact that it stands out in a crowd. I hope that answers your questions a little haha. you have a really good eye for style by the way, your choices for this blog are great 🙂


    • Each year, my list has a different focus. The last two years have been adventure and travel. I’ve visited tons of great museums along the way, especially in France – you can find those posts here: https://bucketlistpublications.org/category/france/, but they haven’t been the focus. When my daughter gets a little bit older, I’m sure I’ll have an entire bucket list year focused on museums and history.

      As a previous History teacher with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, I’ve studied and visited my fair share of unbelievable museums; each year just finds a new direction.

      Are museums high on your list?


    • A Hemi engine is an internal combustion engine in which the roof of each cylinder’s combustion chamber is of hemispherical form.

      I didn’t even know that cars had hemi engines. I thought they were for trucks. (That’s a testament to my knowledge 😉 )


  4. Hmmm…I wonder how these would stack up in a race. I bet the Bronco would win. Unless, of course, that early Model Ford has a souped up engine. 😀
    I went to the Charlotte Speedway a few years ago and took a tour of the site. We got to ride around the track too. Even though it was in a van that was driving at 70 mph, the steep banked curves made it feel as if you were going much faster!


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