Are DIY Projects on Your Bucket List?

DIY Laundry Room

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I build something myself. It’s original and it’s imperfections make it even more perfect; that’s why decorating our new house made this year’s bucket list. If there were no time constraints, I’d build everything myself. Since that’s not possible, the things I can build hold even more significance.  We officially finished our laundry room this evening and three of the pieces were created by us. In a busy world filled with bills and house cleaning and grocery shopping, I love to fit in a few DIY projects that make me excited. 

We were always throwing our jackets and sweaters on the staircase banister because we didn’t have a mud room or a closet at the door. I was tired of it until I found this cool pallet coat rack idea from Pinterest. It was easy to make and I used paint colors that matched the cushions on the bench that is also DIY.

Laundry Room DIYWe live in a new neighborhood and dumpster diving has become a regular weekend event. We’ve been able to make tables, chairs, benches, and artwork all from reclaimed wood found around the neighborhood. It doesn’t cost us a cent and it’s totally shabby chic.

Laundry Room DIYThe laundry sign is also made from reclaimed wood and a laundry rack that I found at Hobby Lobby. We painted the room with a $5 miss-matched can of paint that we found at Lowe’s. The total cost of the laundry room make-over was under $50 and it’s functional and unique.

In the last week, we finished the laundry room, painted the bathroom and the dining room, and made a console table for the family room. Next up… Darren’s office. Our goal of completing it this weekend wouldn’t fit with our crazy lifestyle if it wasn’t so unrealistic. We’ll see if we can actually do it.

What DIY projects are on your list?

46 thoughts on “Are DIY Projects on Your Bucket List?

  1. Love what you have done and have found lots of creative ideas for the future on Pinterest. Right now we are in a apartment but will be looking for a house in about a year and incorporating some DIY projects.


  2. No I don’t do DIY because then I always have to pay somebody else a huge amount to fix it again.There is always huge hospital bills involved, and I have an extremely low pain threshold. Also it is not good for my marriage, and one of our cats is still missing after the last project. So no…


  3. We go dumpster diving in our area too – people throw away bookcases, sofas, chairs, everything, and most of it’s in good condition, so we’ve used it to furnish our patio! My next DIY project is a chicken coop…


  4. So refreshing to read something like this. We have friends that do similar and I’ve been trying my hand at DIY this summer and have felt a massive sense of accomplishment just doing the smallest of tasks. It’s so much more rewarding. Besides the financial savings to be made the sense of I did that myself – nothing can beat that! Pure gold 🙂


  5. Love this. I’m the queen of the half-done project, and now I realize that it’s okay. I do the project for the project’s sake. But once in a while, I like seeing a polished sense of accomplishment, too:)


  6. I love utilizing reclaimed wood! It gives me even more satisfaction to make something from wood that was headed for the landfill. I absolutely have DIY projects on my bucket list! Once I move, I would love to decorate an entire room with things/art/furniture I’ve made. It is always so invigorating to see what you can build with your own two hands (and some select tools). 😉


  7. Not only are you saving money, but you are being Eco friendly too. Why buy new when you can reuse something. Love all of this!


  8. I DIY almost everything at my house. I did have a contractor finish a bathroom last year when I realized that a – I did not have the skills to finish it and b – it would have taken me 2 more years to get it done.
    There is a cerain satisfaction from seeing the work produced by your own hands. Most of us use keyboards for work these days and never see a real result of our efforts. A new fence, walkway or freshly painted room are reminders that we are capable of doing things.


  9. I’m so impressed with people who take on and accomplish wonderful DIY projects. Your photos are beautiful and I love that mossy paint color. With rheumatoid arthritis, however, DIY (except knitting when I can) is beyond me. I’ve embraced the “less is more” philosophy (being broke and in debt helped) and minimalism (not the all white furniture and walls look–please, who lives that way without a FT maid? If you do and without a maid, I’m super duper impressed and mean no offense). I need uncluttered space to think, read, WRITE, meditate, practice yoga, etc. I guess you could say I’m my DIY project! Renovating my life.


  10. I always find some things at my apartment complex that someone is wanting to throw away, but it’s still perfectly fine like a small table. My apartment has some stuff saved from the dumpster.


  11. We just finished remodeling our kitchen. The last time we did it, our oldest daughter was two years old. She’s 42 now. The cost was a lot more than $50 but I love it. Now we plan on tackling the living room and dining room with some fresh paint.


  12. These look so great! I also love dumpster diving. At my home in Canada there is a “heavy garbage pick up” season in the spring. People put out their old furniture and things that are too heavy for regular garbage during one week in the spring. It is a gold mine of dumpster diving.

    My bucket list would be to make my own really big kitchen table!


  13. Hi Lesley, I haven’t heard from you in a while, and my life has been crazy, too. I love your laundry room! Good for you. You are so busy, and you had time to do this. I’m impressed. Thanks for visiting my site among all the MANY things you accomplish! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  14. Neat – that is so creative. I have too many DIY projects maybe it is time I start looking through pinterest to find some ideas and get working. I think you inspired me.


  15. DIY projects STAY on my wife’s bucket list. She’s got more of a “rolling bucket list.” Her love for DIY projects in our home, has gotten me more and more excited about doing them myself. Our entire wedding was a DIY project in the mountains of Oregon last year. Our photographer, ( called it a “Pinterest Wedding.” Here are some of the photos I uploaded to Facebook from our wedding, all hand-crafted and “Did it herself” by my wife.

    Great post! Love your blog and Thanks for following my blog as well. It’s an honor.

    From Our Traveling Hearts to Yours,

    ~Steve & Erica


  16. I love your laundry room DIY projects! I don’t have any on my bucket list right now, but want to mention a reuse/recycle idea we used when we moved into this home almost 6 years ago. The house was outfitted with bright brass fixtures for lights and ceiling fans, which was not to our taste or style. Some were just too awful and had to be replaced, but most were taken down, taken apart, and spray painted with antiqued-look paints from Rust-oleum. It was so simple, as no preparation is needed other than just dusting. They came out great and we have gotten 6 years of great use out of them so far!


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