Trick or Treat? Halloween is for Parents Too

Trick or treating on Halloween

Every holiday or celebration is now heightened to a new level. The anticipation builds inside of me like a boiling pot on the brick of spilling over. Why? Because I’m a mother and I get to experience the joy of celebrations anew. This was Athena’s first time trick or treating for Halloween. I was able to see the wonder in her eyes as she dressed in her costume, knocked on doors, received treats, and carried her pumpkin basket. Life is more beautiful just by being near her… even if she is a witch. 


I put Athena’s costume on her and said, “be a scary witch”; this was her scary witch face.Personally, I think she’s the cutest, happiest witch I’ve ever seen but I might be a little biased.

Trick or treating on HalloweenAs she approached the door, she let go of my hand. She wanted to do it herself. I don’t even know how she knew what to do. It’s not like we practiced it. Yet, she went up the steps and rang the doorbell. When our neighbor opened the door, she put out her pumpkin. Darren and I stood in shock. How did she know that he was going to put something in the pumpkin? How did she even know to ring the doorbell? They may seem like simple tasks but at 19 months old, and when I still see her as an infant, it’s pretty special to watch her grow into an independent girl with a personality and inquisitive nature. (Ask me again in 15 or so years when she wants the car and my ideas of independence will most certainly be very different, but for now I’m enjoying it.)

Trick or treating on Halloween

She ran from house to house, knocking on doors and collecting treats. Although she didn’t eat any of the chocolate, she was on a high and so was I. Trick or treating on Halloween

Why do we have to grow up? Why can’t every day be this exciting? People have always told me about the joys of being a parent, but they forgot to tell me that one of the greatest joys of all – getting to be a kid all over again.

60 thoughts on “Trick or Treat? Halloween is for Parents Too

  1. Your little witch is about the cutest one I have ever seen. I only say ‘just about’ because I had three little witches of my own once. So you see, I think nearly every mother is a little biased when it comes to their own. Would we want it any other way?


  2. Such sweet photos!!!
    In 15 (or fewer) years you will look at your daughter and wonder how and when did she become a young woman? You will catch a stolen glimpse of her or listen, really listen to her intellect or her wit and recall that sweet little 19 month old witch and wonder where the time has gone. But, at the same time you will smile because you will see the amazing woman she is becoming. Enjoy these precious moments!!! They go by in a flash!!!


  3. She’s the sweetest, cutest witch ever.
    Already Athena has been exposed to more than a most kids and I believe she’s going to keep surprising you forever. So…since she’s too young to eat all that chocolate and candy, would you consider donating some to us, your readers? 😀


  4. “…one of the greatest joys of all – getting to be a kid all over again.” Absolutely. My wife and I are on the other side of it now, having teenage sons, and Halloween is our favorite family holiday. We try to make an entertaining and slightly creepy display every year, on a different theme, and love to see people’s reactions.


  5. I love halloween and you are absolutely right that we get to release our inner child again through our own children (my son loves that his mum has a scooter and a bike and can climb trees and play dragon hunt in the forest with him!). Your daughter looked like she was having a ball and what lovely pictures to preserve the memory. She obviously has her mothers spirit and sense of adventure! Our house was chaotic and noisy on halloween night with over-hyped up son and daughter, excitable puppy and lots of trick or treaters but wouldn’t have it any other way!


  6. So cute! She may have overheard you and Darren talking about Halloween but even at 19 months old, she may have understood the gist of it–walking up to each house and asking for candy. Kids soak up things like a sponge.


  7. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! This year was my 8 year old’s first year out unsupervised. She and her friends had a strict route to follow. As a mother, it was nerve-racking. I sat by the open window while knitting tirelessy and waiting to hear her voice.


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