I’m Making it Myself – DIY Projects Around the House

DIY Collage

We’ve lived in our new home for almost 7 months and we’ve taken great pride in making it unique. After spending the evening making yet another table and an art piece for the bonus room, I realized how many DIY projects we’ve done around the house. We’ve made dumper diving a regular event and we both love coming home with a new find, especially when we pull it out of a garbage bin in the neighborhood. I search craigslist for possible projects and I spend a lot of time at second-hand stores and yard sales. All of the searching and creating has resulted in a semi-furnished space that is completely us and a labor of love. Each project is special because we either made it from scratch or refinished it. It may take longer, but the end result is uniquely “Carter” material. 

Our Garage – 
It all started with a workbench in the garage. Darren’s father helped build a workbench that is large enough for most projects and it got our creative juices flowing. It’s made completely from reclaimed wood.Work Bench DIY

Our Laundry Room

DIY Laundry RoomLaundry Room DIY

Our Living Room

Sofa Table DIY Pallet

Side Table DIYHutch DIY

Our Breakfast Area
Dining Table and Chairs DIY

Our Dining RoomDining Room Chopping Block and Wine RackThis week we’re adding paint!

111 thoughts on “I’m Making it Myself – DIY Projects Around the House

  1. Isn’t the personal satisfaction of doing it yourself wonderful? And as my nephew used to say when he was young, “I do myself”, your daughter will be exposed to you “doing it myself”!

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  2. I love everything you have made! I wish I had tools to build for my DIY projects, but for now stick with sewing, painting, and other crafts… But it is amazing how small projects can make you feel like you have such a special place!

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  3. I love the globe and saying in your dining ( and if you won’t tell anybody I’ll tell you one of my secret fetishes – pallets. I love them, made into everything…. can’t help myself. 🙂 Keep writing. I enjoy all you have to share.:-)


  4. Love it! I really like the colours you have chosen. There is so much joy and pride to be had from turning something old into something new and beautiful! I remember when I had my baby 20 years ago and we were short of money, my husband and I used to buy old furniture from flea markets or auctions and do them up: the baby cot, his high chair and even a pram! I still have an old sewing box that he renovated and painted for me: it’s still one of my most precious possessions. Enjoy!


  5. I come from a family of hard-core diy-ers that’s left me with “I bet I could make that….” complex. 🙂

    I’m in love with the sofa table (made using a pallet?) it’s absolutely stunning! Keep up the good work.



      • It’s been too long since I’ve gotten my hands dirty, my last project was painting and aging a horrible hand-me-down dresser (I have a serious aversion to blonde wood). It turned out well, but I’m still looking at options to either replace or refinish the icky gold drawer pulls.


  6. I stand in awe of you! I have no such talents as these and truly admire people who have the eye to look at something and see it done. I have a girlfriend who does this very thing as well and her house is just beautiful. She enjoys taking an old piece and making into something unique to fit into her home. The world needs more like you! Keep creating! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


  7. Oh, you just reminded me of the chair in the garage that I’ve been wanting to refinish (now that the weather is cooling down). We’ve been in the house for 13 years and I keep begging my partner to help me set up a workbench in the garage–maybe I’ll send him a link to your post (nudge, nudge)! By the way, I love the table in the living room with all the differently hued planks; it reminds me of the beach 🙂


  8. i would love love love LOVE to be able to do this. think i am going to make it my mission when we buy our first house (we’ve put in an offer, so hold thumbs!!).

    i absolutely ADORE your pieces and how you decorated your spaces. well done!


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