California Sunshine & Beaches

On a cold day in North Carolina, I’m considering a trip west to California. Here’s why:

Newport Beach, California

Santa Monica, California

California beaches

Do you agree?

93 thoughts on “California Sunshine & Beaches

  1. I live in California. I moved here from the rainiest state in the US, Oregon. It was the best decision of my life! In addition to sunshine and beaches, we have culture, energy, and the best people alive. Definitely visit!!


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  3. Actually, it’s the opposite for me. I live just outside of Baton Rouge and it’s fairly warm here. I see my friends from my hometown in West Virginia posting pictures of snow and I wish I were there. It’s not that I’m particularly fond of the snow but in the pictures it looks so beautiful and inviting. I suppose that’s why they say, “The grass is greener!”


  4. Sigh, we used to live there. Jumping in the car after work and going to the coast at Half Moon Bay, nice piece of cake at the HMB Coffee Co (wonder if that is still there), nothing better if you are feeling a bit low.


  5. Oh those pictures bring back great memories of deep-Sea Fishing off the coast of San Diego or New Port Beach…sigh…it sucks to be landlocked.


  6. I visited CA for the first time in February, on a business trip to San Diego. Stayed in a hotel right on the ocean, and it was spectacular. I hope to get back there again soon.


  7. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Maybe in Southern California haha! Up here in Nor Cal, you don’t get views like that. The coast north of San Francisco basically lives in fog.


  8. Loving our fall colors, but not loving our suddenly winter cold. If I could travel my bags would be packed and I’d be waiting at the door so you could pick me up on the way by. To put it bluntly, I’m COLD!!!!!!!


  9. Definitely! It was super warm today in San Diego. Let me know if you’re going to make a stop in America’s Finest City. I’m more than happy to make recommendations if you would like them!


  10. Definitely do it. I lived in California up until three months ago, and I was just reminded of how great it is today when I got a picture of my sisters in tanktops on their way to a sunset surf session. Don’t expect perfect weather, though…the sunshine can be rather hit or miss around this time of year, but the beauty of the coastline never takes a day off.


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