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Do you want to grow your social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and connect with other bloggers? Let’s share them and celebrate our successes. Bucket List Publications now has 77,637 blog followers, 4,877 Facebook followers, 7,763 Twitter followers, and 27,123 Instagram followers. We’d love to be part of reciprocal sharing.

If you want to participate, please add a comment with a link to your social media and go through and like/follow the other pages listed in the comments. Please include your general writing topic so others can find related topics. I wonder how many new followers we can get over night?

My pages:
Bucket List Publications Website

Blogging topics: travel, adventure, family, and new experiences.

I’ve always felt like part of a community here on wordpress. What better way to get to know others and follow along?

Happy sharing!

(While this is a fun way to connect with other bloggers, I will only follow appropriate pages.)

314 thoughts on “Social Media Sharing- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

  1. Brilliant! Totally on board with the concept. Have already liked you on FB but hadn’t realized I could on youtube and Instagram…will do it now! (Guess we should have a Twitter feed and official youtube channel too…) For those interested:

    Will definitely reciprocate likes with anyone, and would love to hear from folks who share our fascination with digging in and finding the out of the way off the beaten path wonders the world offers. Hello world!

    PS Lesley:

    If you or I win the lottery, I’ll race you to each one of those places. Killer list!


  2. What a cool idea. I’ve followed your blog for quite a while and always enjoy your sense of adventure and how successful you are at sharing your passion. If you have an interest in nature/travel/sports photography you can join me at:
    Instagram: TheLandSlide
    Thanks for the platform to share my passions.


  3. Great idea, Lesley and so generous of you… as usual. You know I love you madly, and have followed along on Bucket List for ages!

    My blog: Tales From the Motherland is my unfiltered view on life, as the mother of three kids (one who has moved to Israel, one just back from China and Asia, and one who may never move out!). It’s my view “Straight up with a twist.” I am grateful for every new follower. Check it out here:

    My Facebook page is here, and I’d be thrilled if you hit Like.

    And Twitter– I’m wittier there (wink wink) but don’t Tweet very often. Follow along, for the fun.

    Can’t wait to check out all the cool recommendations. 🙂


    • Love your “Flash Fiction Friday” – what a fun idea! And I agree about Halloween – I remember when my daughter was about 10 and all her friends wanted to dress as the Spice Girls and she wanted to dress as a cat. Times are changing – I prefer to be “old” I guess.


      • Thanks so much, Sue! That’s so kind of you. I don’t run the Friday Fictioneers, but I’m totally addicted! Anyone can join; it’s a blast. Funny how the Spice Girls seem tame by comparison! Our daughters are probably close in age? Mine is 23, and she loved them. Either way, yes, we’re both old. 😉 Thanks for taking the time to read and comment; much appreciated!


        • Yes – mine is 25, and I have a 21 year old son! I am following your blog – do you have info on the Friday Fictioneers on how to participate? It sounds like a lot of fun and a good exercise for me to try.


          • My daughter is almost 24, one son is 21 and the other is 17. If you look on my Friday Fictioneers post, there’s a link to Rochelle in the intro. She posts the photo each Wednesday and then you post your story and link it up. The sooner you link, the better… but it is such a supportive group of writers and the challenge has done a lot of my writing overall! Let me know if you have any questions. 😉


  4. Done. (Already blogwise.) Twitter now too. @villageip
    Meanwhile, been meaning to ask, do you fancy a short guest post on the wee guy Fynnjan that my latest post is about? He’s intrepid in his own way and on a big adventure. Will have a good video to go with it in a week or so.


  5. Ok, I guess I’ll be next. Already following you on all social media. Love to read about your travels! 🙂

    I can be found here: (actually it’s about my travel blog, not only photography, just never changed the link on fb)

    Such a great idea! I hope to connect with lots of interesting people.


  6. Great idea! I always enjoy reading your posts – I’m a bit of traveller myself. I blog about writing and science fiction, but I’m also currently compiling an Anthology of Honest Motherhood, called ‘The Milk of Female Kindness’, with the help of many WordPress bloggers! We’re looking to expand the range of stories and thinking about what being a mother is really like.

    My links are: Twitter @KasiaJames

    Thanks for a great initiative! 🙂


    • Followed! Now that’s a useful blog; we have an almost 3 and an almost 2 year old, and thinking of ways to a) get the grownups out of the house and see stuff we want to see but b) make it work around their attention spans and nap schedules is always a challenge!


  7. Thank you for a wonderful idea!

    I blog about learning languages, the joy of bilingualism, and emphasizing with others through language.

    I’m blogging at
    I tweet at @richardlanguage



    • Definitely going to follow your blog for your insights as getting back into learning languages is high on my midlife crisis list. If I’m going to inherit the Italy tours biz from Doug (dad), I better spruce up my Italian. 🙂


  8. Great idea! Thanks for creating a space for us to do this 🙂

    My links:
    My blog is mostly about following my footsteps in my forever search for fresh experiences and new adventures, memories and lesion I collect along the way. My writing includes stories about solo and adventure travel. I mix in great eats I have along the way.
    Twitter: @taliasfootsteps


  9. Oh man this is a great idea. Already followed some pretty awesome people. Look forward to engaging with the. You can check me out at or I am also really into Google+ check me out at

    I mainly write about tech news related stuff. How to hear from you guys!


  10. Ace idea, Lesley, and hi from Rolling Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas. Already signed up to you – and I’ll have time to visit everyone else here tomorrow…
    My strap line might be: THE information blog for Abaco, Bahamas: lots of birds, wildlife, exploring, bonefishing, beachcombing and a miscellany of shells, hurricanes, shark attacks, shipwrecks, recipes & cocktails
    Website: [and if anyone can be bothered, sticking ‘Rolling Harbour’ into Google should produce my F/B and Twitter pages]
    I look forwards to checking out those who join in this ingenious game! RH


  11. G’day and big thanks Lesley! Love experiencing your Bucket List travels and adventures through your unique eyes, true!

    I am Joanne from What’s On The List
    As a PASSIONATE Home Cook, I try and inspire people one recipe and one event at a time too!

    Twitter =
    Facebook =
    Pinterest =

    Greatly appreciate! 🙂


  12. Cool idea Lesley. Would be good for a numbers boost while finding some cool new blogs and pages to follow.
    My adventures and travel philosophies can be found here:
    And here:
    And here:
    Twitter- @21CenturyNomad

    Guys, I post about all things travel, culture, philosophy and writing.
    I’d be honored if you’d swing by and check out some of what I do. And I’ll be sure to return the compliment.
    p.s. I also take nice photos.
    Steve, aka The Twenty First Century Nomad


  13. Great idea Lesley and thank you. I am relatively new to blogging. Travel, humor, adventure, middle age and living every day as though it might be my last is the story. You will find some cycling trips and currently three weeks away from my first marathon at age 52. Cheers!


  14. Seriously brilliant idea!!! I’m super easy to find… I guess because I’m forward thinking and socially lazy. Just do a search on any social site for Miss Myssie (make sure to spell it wrong) = facebook = twitter = tumblr = instragram = youtube
    Google = MissMyssie

    I am in my mid40’s and prior to two years ago, I had never run a mile before ever in my life. In two years, I have run 7 marathons, 3 triathlons and 1 century ride in the mountains of Nevada all to raise money and awareness for cancer because I lost 4 family members and my best friend to cancer last year. (yes, all in one year) I’m taking my anger issues out on the pavement.
    I write about running, triathlons, cycling, cancer and every emotion and physical reaction that attaches itself to those four topics.
    Follow me. 🙂


  15. Thank you, Leslie for letting us do this. I will go through and visit many of the blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages as I’m signed up to. I don’t think we can have to many friends. My blog is Please friend me on my profile Facebook page and please like my author Facebook page I’ll follow on Twitter at @DMcDunn I’m also on Goodreads and LinkedIn and would love to connect with anyone on those. I hope all of these work!


  16. Hi! My blog is called Try New Things and is about how amazing and exciting life can be when you escape from your safe place and step out and Try New Things! It is about changing your life by trying new things both small and large and creating a new and wonderful life. Kind of the same message as your blog!

    It can be found here
    and my Facebook page is


  17. Oops, I forgot to add what I blog about. Mostly it’s just random things.

    I do mention my book from time to time and what I’m working on at the moment and right now me and a fellow blogger, Lorraine Reguly have a giveaway scheduled.

    Sometimes I share a short story and I sometimes do book reviews, but not often. Mostly I just write about things that are happening in the news or in my life and my families lives. Nothing to deep or disturbing. I’m not out to change the world or explain why it needs changing.


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