Top Ten Favorite Travel Photos of 2013

10 countries and countless cities made it on my 2013 Bucket List. France, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Jordan, Aruba, Curacao, Canada, USA, Mexico, and Fiji were all part of my whirlwind of adventures and new experiences. I never envisioned such an amazing year of opportunity; my life continues to be a dream come true. I am blessed. Some people create a bucket list because they are dying; I created one because I want to live.

Here are my top ten favorite travel photos from 2013.

Number 10 – The King’s Highway, Jordan

My Jordan Journey

A most ancient route, The King’s Highway winds its way through the different ecological zones of Jordan, including forested highlands, open farmland plateaus, deep ravines, the edge of the eastern desert, and the warm tropical Gulf ofΒ Aqaba.

Stay tuned for numbers 1-9 later this week!

Have you been to Jordan? Is it on your list?

You can read more about my Jordan journeyΒ and see tons of great photos here.Β 

67 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Travel Photos of 2013

  1. Beautiful! I would love to see Jordan and Israel some day.
    On another note – if you do make Wisconsin in 2014, I just heard the Packer Hall of Fame is closing this week until 2015. They are expanding the Pro Shop and moving the Hall of Fame to the 2nd floor of the Atrium. Just thought I should let you know in case that was anything you were interested in.


    • I had a trip planned to Israel this year, but it was postponed until next year. Hopefully it will be part of my 2014 favorite photos πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the heads up about the Hall of Fame. I’m sure I can still find tons of cool things to do there. I’ll keep you in mind for more suggestions.You seem to have lots of them πŸ™‚


  2. Wow, beautiful. No, I haven’t visited Jordan and it is not at my list, even it looks very beautiful.
    Looking forward to see more photos and read about your experiments.
    Do you have same activity level for 2014?


      • A trip to Africa is right up there as well as Thailand. Would also one day love to get to Antarctica. Not everyone’s dream trip but would like to retrace the exploration of Ernest Shackleton. Fascinating.


      • I have different feelings about certain places. I loved Hong Kong and Thailand their vibrance. I loved have the beauty if France but I will say that Egypt gave me a sense of time when I thought about how old the country was and its glorious past. India was special without words.


          • My blog is my about my adventures living on a remote island in the Caribbean which the vast majority of people have never heard of. In addition, I am now being bold by commenting on the stupidy and absurdity around me but thank you. I

            When I was bitten by the travel bug I decided I could not wait for a friend to go with me so each year like you I went somewhere and now I,m going through my photos and creating what I call Vlogs. You might be inrested in seeing the one I did on Santorini.


        • I love your post, “What type of Traveler…” Cute πŸ™‚

          I only spent two days in Spain, which is not enough time to enjoy the architectural wonders. It’s on the list to return. When did you visit? Which cities did you visit? Do you have any recommendations?


          • Thank you Lesley, I’m glad you liked the post!

            We had two weeks in Spain at the beginning of September, but we didn’t want to jump around too much. We wanted to be able to try and really experience a couple places. So we went to Barcelona and Madrid. We looooved Barcelona and would go back there in an instant. The works of Gaudi, Las Ramblas, the tapas, cava, flamenco dancers…Are all amazing and definitely worth seeing! I enjoyed the San Miguel market and the interesting quirks that Madrid has to offer.

            Now if (when) we go back, we will probably do a smaller town, then venture off to see Portugal and Morocco.


  3. Beautiful! Visiting Jordan and especially seeing Petra are on my lifetime bucket list for sure! Thanks for sharing your experiences there – it makes me feel a lot more optimistic about being able to go!


  4. I was in Jordan during 2007 for a study abroad. My favorite experiences were standing on the beach in Aqaba – seeing four countries from one spot, and camping in Wadi Rum with a group of Bedouin for a week. I would go back in a heartbeat.

    I did not visit Jerash and would like to spend some time Ajloun – That’s on my bucket list.


      • Yes! Though this last year has been mostly domestic travel, as I’m saving for a long trip to India. It is such a wonderful feeling, being foreign, learning the world as if everything is new, the people, the landscapes, the history. I especially love the unexpected places that you find – when you step into something you haven’t read about in any book, or seen on any screen…


  5. Amazing picture Lesley – can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next one! Thanks for your initiative last week, I have made some new online friends as a result, will pass on your link to my contacts too. Best regards – metiefly


  6. I went to Jordan in 1986. There were very few tourists at all, but I imagine its a bit different now. We were on a road trip from Saudi Arabia (where we had been living for two years) to London. A very interesting time in my life. Love your image.


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