Top 10 Favorite Travel Photos from 2013 – #4

10 countries and countless cities made it on my 2013 Bucket List. France, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Jordan, Aruba, Curacao, Canada, USA, Mexico, and Fiji were all part of my whirlwind of adventures and new experiences. I never envisioned such an amazing year of opportunity; my life continues to be a dream come true. I am blessed. Some people create a bucket list because they are dying; I created one because I want to live.

Here are my top ten favorite travel photos from 2013.

Number 4 – Petra Marriott Hotel

Petra Marriott Hotel

The Petra Marriott Hotel is conveniently located on a steep sloping site overlooking one of the most beautiful sights in the world, the Petra Valley, with rose red mountains and delights of colors playing against each other.

Jordan was one stunning photo after another. Do you take a lot of photos while traveling or are you more in the moment?

29 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Travel Photos from 2013 – #4

  1. I take a lot of photos to try and capture the moments I’m in. These are your favorites but I would still place #10 and #9, King’s Highway Jordan and Streets of Marseilles, equal to or better than anything so far. IMO Streets of Marseilles has it all; color, composition, contemplation.


  2. Petra is such an amazing location! So full of history and beauty. I wish I could have seen a sunrise/set there but I was staying in Israel and took a cab ride through the desert and just barely made the border crossing. I take tons of pictures. They help me relive the adventure and have inspired me to provide a narrative and start blogging!


  3. Photos, photos and more photos. We tend to take a lot as often they are from a bicycle or while running, rafting….you get the idea. Many include shots of the ground, air, nostrils…There are a fair amount that require deletion. 🙂


  4. I certainly do and thank goodness for the digital camera. I can remember spending something like £300 on a visit to India once, just on film and developing! I took a lot of photos!


  5. Oh man, do I take photos! Maybe it’s the fear of getting forgetful as I age, but I want to preserve details of my amazing journeys. I also take some pride in the results…people tell me I have a good eye…whatever that means! One day I will invest in a good camera, but for now I love the convenience of the I-Phone.


  6. I can barely pry the camera away from my face when I travel…which isn’t always a good thing. It is living in the moment, but doesn’t work well if I am traveling with others!


          • We are probably going sailing in Beliz for spring break this year (instead of Hawaii) with another family. I’m going to NYC next weekend, but that’s just a quick get away. Fiji is in the fall; can’t wait! I’m thinking about trying to fit in a week in Denmark to go see my surrogate grandbabies…too many places, not enough time! Little Man and I have put off our trip to India until next Dec or next spring break (2015) because his plans are so up in the air… for college. I’m sad to wait, but we’ll definitely go. My 3rd trip there, and I really miss it! What’s on your list for the near future… when are you hoping to move, etc?


  7. i was on an epic trip with new friends and old. one such new friend took a picture of me taking pictures, which she posted to facebook with the caption, “christie being christie.” i sometimes feel a sense of panic that i’ll never capture it so i must try harder, more more more! i’m learning to take a deep breathe. “BE here.” i’ll be balancing that act forever. love your blog!


    • I did shoot all of the photos; thank you 🙂

      Travel is my greatest passion. It’s life. I’m not much of a photographer but the scenery certainly makes up for my skill.

      Happy Thanksgiving, unless you’re not in the US. 😉


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