Winter has Arrived in Banff, Alberta

Sunshine Village

Cold winter morning at Sunshine Village Ski Resort

Last week, I shared a few photos that I took while travelling around Banff National Park, Canada, and I am truly humbled by the number of wonderful comments that were submitted, so I decided to show you a few more.

Over the past week, Mother Nature decided to bless us with 30 inches of snow, which has everyone in town talking about one thing: skiing!

November is an exciting time of year for local residents of Banff. The hustle and bustle of the summer tourism season has come and gone, traffic and parking are easy to find. The local ski resorts start teasing us with photos and potential start dates for the upcoming ski season. A fresh crop of Aussies are running around town in their “jumpers” looking to get all the necessary gear that is required for an extended ski holiday in Canada. It truly is an exciting time of year!

It’s at this time of year that I look through old ski and snowboard photos and get myself psyched up for the coming season. Here are a few that I hope you will enjoy seeing as much as I did taking them.

Kevin Carter
Bucket List Publications Contributor

Snowboarding at Lake Louise Ski Resort

My Friend Lachlan, from Australia, poses for the camera at Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise Ski Resort on a powder day

They say that there’s “no friends on a powder day” and this photo is living proof. I’ve lost sight of all my friends in a cloud of snow.
Lake Louise Ski Resort

Skiing at Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village Ski Resort offers some incredible backcountry access to Banff National Park. This area is known as “Back Door” and is a favourite among locals.

Will you be hitting the slopes this year? Where are you favorite ski destinations?

59 thoughts on “Winter has Arrived in Banff, Alberta

  1. Growing up in Florida, I didn’t see snow till I was almost 17. Now in the Pacific Northwest, I hope each year a bit of the rain will treat us by turning white and sticking on the ground for a couple days . I’ve skied a little in WA at Mt Baker but got really spoiled in France at a little place in Belle Plagne- just up the hill from La Plagne.
    It’s a beautiful ski in ski out lodge with your lockers under the apartments. It was a little more affordable a few years back when we lived in Paris and was located just 200km outside of Lyon.
    It was what I imagined places like Banff or Aspen being (but have never been to either).
    I will always be a blue run skier but love the thrill those medium skilled slopes provide. It was also a great family place to park and stay a week in this enclosed community that provided all your needs. I’ve always wanted to learn cross country.
    Now I want to go back! Check it out-
    Cheers… wendy


    • Thanks!
      I would love to ski at Mt. Baker someday. I hear the amount of snow that they get is ridiculous!
      Where else have you skied? I’m always searching for new resorts to visit.


  2. Kevin these are great photos of the beloved powder days here in the Rockies. We spent many days out on the slopes when our son was ski racing. I remember a day at Sunshine when it was minus 30 Celsius! However most of my memories are blissful days such as these. Beautifully captured!


    • Thanks Sue!
      I’ve always wanted to try ski racing but haven’t had the opportunity. I enjoy laying down some trenches on my GS skis (almost) as much as face shots and powder turns.
      What discipline did your son compete in?


    • Dolomites; in Italy? I’m not very knowledgeable of great ski areas but I’d like to change that. I’m thinking about adding a few of the best places to my 2014 list so I’m open to great suggestions.


  3. Wish we got snow like that in Ireland. No snow at all for past couple of winters, but the previous two we got loads, so here’s hoping for this year!


  4. These pictures are amazing! I absolutely love the one of your friend on the snowboard! I won’t be able to ski this year due to a knee injury, but maybe I’ll be able to fit some snow tubing in. Even though I won’t be able to ski or snowboard this year, I’m still excited for the season!


    • Thanks!
      My friend was also very excited when he saw this photo. He sent a copy home (Australia) to make all of his friends jealous.
      There is another ski resort in Banff called Mt. Norquay that has a snow tubing park. It is a ton of fun!


      • I use to live in Mammoth Lakes (California) so that has a special place in my heart but anywhere there is snow works for me! I have been to Banff but it was years ago and a bad winter, there wasn’t much snow that year so I would like to go back at some point.

        The post came out well. You had fun with it!


  5. I’ll be there in late Jan for 2.5 weeks! I can’t wait. Thanks for sharing these photos they are what I need to stop me from going insane as I wait for my holiday!!


  6. I have a friend who’s a tailgunner at Baldface and he likes to tell me that his “office” looks exactly like the incredible photos you’ve posted. I’m just a little green (or white?) with envy….!


  7. Beautiful….I never experienced Winter or snow for that matter. I live in a tropical country…but one of my greatest desires is to have a “white Christmas”…one day soon i will be there.. you just inspired me more…way to go..


  8. Those are beautiful winter photos and you’re blessed if you get to spend the season in Banff! Not sure if I’ll make it this year, but we’re having a really gorgeous winter up here in Edmonton already!


  9. I’m hoping I’ll manage to get to hit the slopes, albeit small ones this year (it’s a tradeoff when you have a small child who’s old enough to start learning. You don’t do big slopes anymore… You do the kid friendly ones until said kid levels up πŸ™‚ )


    • Soon enough your little one will be charging past you on double-black runs! Some of the craziest skiers/riders I see on the slopes are under the age of 10. My friends and I tend to refer to those kids either as “Grommets” or “Rubber Bones”. Hahaha
      How old is your child?


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