Call for Guest Posts on Alberta, Canada

Jasper, Alberta

Have you visited Alberta? Did you write a post about your experiences? Do you have great photography of the province? Since I’ll be visiting Alberta from December 14-20th, I’d like to feature the province on Bucket List Publications website and blog. If you have a post you’d like shared, please send it to [email protected] for consideration. I will select 5 great submissions and feature them on Bucket List Publications as well as share them on all of my social media sites including:

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I’m looking for the best activities, views, adventures, spas, family travel, luxury travel, or bucket list experiences from Alberta. Your submission must have a minimum of 4 photos and be at least 200 words in length. (Amazing photo posts, without text, will be considered as well.) I will the best matches on December 11th and post them before leaving on the 14th.

I can’t wait to read about your travels to Alberta and share them on Bucket List Publications!

30 thoughts on “Call for Guest Posts on Alberta, Canada

  1. Leslie… Hello again!You first met and commented on a post I wrote about my Mother and her climbing the TEAHOUSE GLACIER in Banff / Lake Louise Canada. I forget how far back but, that IS the first crossing..
    I’m GLAD to SEE you WELL.


  2. Oh I love the place! Flying through the mountains and the clouds over seeing the turquoise lakes and streaming waters fall was amazing! Not to mention about the bears in the mountains. Saw two grizzlies on a coach trip to the glaciers was very memorable!


  3. Too late for your trip, but I’m a life-long Albertan who’s done many mountain adventures in the Rockies and written Day Trips From Calgary, which explores southern Alberta. Let me know when you’re coming back and I can give you some suggestions.


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