Bucket List LifeProof for My Phone

LifeProof Case

A bucket list lifestyle is rough on gear. My computer and phone have seen over ten countries this year and they’ve taken a beating. I needed more protection for my phone than the typical case. LifeProof’s fre was the ideal fit! What does it offer?

✓ Built-in scratch protector protects touchscreen
✓ LifeProof’s original and proven case technology
✓ The most comprehensive device protection available
✓ Completely waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof

From the beaches to the mountains, the ocean to the dessert, LifeProof matches my active lifestyle with amazing quality and protection.

I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII so I went with LifeProof’s frē case, featuring a built-in touchscreen scratch protector and LifeProof’s legendary four-proof protection — water, dirt, snow, and shock. The water protection is always the one that worries me the most. Even after testing the case for leaks, I still shuddered at the thought of ruining my phone. It’s like holding my “life” or at least my career in my hands.

LifeProof Fre

Even though the case was water tested at the factory before being shipped (all cases are tested), they suggest you preform another pre-installation water test. The slogan is “Test now – rest later!” I snapped the case front and back together, closed the charge port door and headphone jack plug, submerged it in the water for 30 minutes, and removed the case. It was completely dry without a hint of moisture.

LifeProof Fre

Now, I had to do the part I worried about – install my phone. I removed my current case, inserted my phone into the case back and snapped on the case front. I closed the charge port door and headphone jack plug just like the trial run and read the instruction again just to be certain I did everything properly. I placed it in the water and waited… and waited. Nothing happened. It was dry.

LifeProof Fre

I was beyond happy. On every trip this year, I wished I had a waterproof case for my phone and now I do. I almost want to plan a quick beach vacation just to bring my phone. Maybe I’ll hop on a plane for a surprise getaway after Christmas.

When I was in Jordan, the case would have been ideal for dirt, dust, and water. It’s totally sealed from minute dirt and dust particles. Every beach trip would have been made easier with the LifeProof case. It can fully submerge down to 2 meters for up to an hour.  And my current and upcoming winter vacations could use a little more snow and ice protection. Although I don’t think it would survive a skydive drop, it is safe for up to 2 m or 6.6 feet. The LifeProof frē takes the worry out of having a “bucket list” phone; now all that it’s missing is a tracking device.

35 thoughts on “Bucket List LifeProof for My Phone

  1. Looove the lifeproof case, we have it for our iPhone and it is a life saver! Plus every time we take the iPhone out for whatever reason it still looks so new and shiny we are scared to touch it! But, on another note, I have an old brick dumb phone that I dropped into a bucket of water the other day and it is still functioning just fine… miracles of miracles.


    • Funny about the older phone; it’s surprising sometimes, isn’t it? I still feel safer with the case, though, especially at the beach or pool. I usually use my GoPro but when I want to put photos on Instagram, I need to do a ton more steps. This makes it simple and I don’t have to carry all of my gear everywhere I go.

      Do you use a Mac computer? iPhone and Mac seem the most popular on the road.



      • I’m responding, out of place.. Hi 🙂 Thanks for this quick review, really. I am awaiting notification of the case for the iPhone 5s. I desperately want one.
        How sad to feel desperate over a material object to protect another material object.
        OK I could lose the fingerprint access, I fusee that is the only difference from the available 5 case. I am VERY interested to see how they may get around this.. That it’s only 2m waterproof worries me. The Griffin Survivor case is another metre but still not a great difference. I tend to sink dangerously close to the 2m when I fall in 😉
        I write here because I use Mac and wonder when a case will be available for MacBooks that could remain in place and allow us to continue using our ‘lives encased’ on the beach, in the snow.. Most people react when I say this, ‘who wants to?’ I do I say, and maybe you and I’m sure some others. OK there is the G-Form extreme, it’s brilliant, but it’s a ‘sleeve.’ Then there are the Pelican range, this allows sundries yet in doing so soon becomes a whole cabin overnight trolley.
        Anyway I am almost on the point of digressing. The actual point? Thanks for your review 🙂


  2. I’m going to get one of these for my teenage daughter for Christmas, her last phone fell into the ocean while she was sailing. She retrieved the phone, but it never worked right after that. The beach test sounds like a great idea about now, where would you go? I’m dreaming of Jamaica, ever been?


      • Oh that’s right, I read that on your About page I think, duh. Funny because my ex-wife and I were married there in a little village on the south coast called Belmont. We were hooked up with some locals there and stayed in a little bungalow in their “yard”. I’ve been back two times since. Things have gotten a tad worse in that area unfortunately. Maybe I should blog about it? For my next trip I’d like to bring my kids and stay in Mandeville and use that as our base camp. I hope you get to go back soon!


  3. I dropped my phone once in the water thank and it was without any protection. So pleased to hear this info you, thanks for sharing, but is it available for any type of mobile phone?


    • I’ve just been spending a lot of time with my family and enjoying the holidays 😉

      Everyone needs a rest, even if you’re doing what you love.

      I hope you’re enjoying the holidays as well.



  4. I too have this case for my iphone and unfortunately I recently had a bad experience with it. Whilst snorkelling and holding it barely half a metre under the water, it got water into the case and damaged the phone. Luckily I noticed straight away and some time spent in a bag of rice helped the phone recover, but I was disappointed as until that point I had loved the case as well.


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