Jumping on Action Photography

Some of my favorite photos are jump action shots, but they can be difficult to achieve. Action photography requires you to be quick and know your camera. In most occasions, though, it’s the funny, off-time shots that make the day memorable.

Let’s jump in and see some photos inspired by one action: jump!

Do you have a favorite jump shot? I’d love to see your best one. Send it along and share with others.

39 thoughts on “Jumping on Action Photography

  1. How can one not smile looking at those shots? Fabulous! We have a family shot from our vow renewal where the photographer had us leaping as a family. One of my faves for sure. Thanks for the inspiration to include action shots in posts. Very engaging.


  2. Jumping is so exhilarating and uninhibited, it makes really joyful pictures. Perhaps you’d like to try photographing a game I was introduced to this Christmas….. get someone to place an After Eight mint on your forehead, you then have to get it to slide down your face and into your mouth without using your hands. The facial contortions are superb and very very funny!


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