1 thought on “Grand Cayman Condo

  1. I have been around the Caribbean, including Grand Caymen on two occasions. I had dubbed the beach there as the nicest I have seen. But, after some reflection, I must consider the beautiful waters of Turks/Caicos. Then, there is Aruba with Baby Beach.

    My congratulations to your success. I hope it continues for you. I have just finished my first book out of a series of three. It is about using freewill as a tool to living a better, more amazing life. I kick it off with Free Spirit Fitness, Epiphany 2004 (has two versions. The fictional tale parallels the strange events in my life and the biblical account of King Solomon.

    Finally, The Travel Chronicles of an American Family, Vol. I, will wrap everything together by introducing “Pura Vida” or a custom greeting among Costa Ricans that means pure living, living in the moment, and putting energy into shaping the life you want.

    You are a free spirit. I love that you are “willing” and hope one day our paths will cross. According to the law of attraction, it may be more than likely to happen.

    At any rate, good for you. Don’t forget to visit Hell why you are there :). Never stop being true to yourself. You have an open invitation to contact me anytime. I am going to buy a palatial villa that overlooks Puerto Plato. It has 7 bedrooms and I plan on making it a center for the free spirit. I will start holding special retreats to learn my free spirit philosophy directly from me in this luxurious setting where my staff will make you feel as if you descended from royalty. My book will be available in a couple of months, and all three books by the end of 2014. Keep in touch. I love reading about those who think as I.
    Think Well, Be Well
    Kris H


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