30 Tested Adventures for Your 2014 Bucket List

Adventure Collage

I’ve successfully completed hundreds of bucket list items from flying a jet pack to moving to a new country and I achieved them by creating a yearly list. The more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve.

Here are 30 tested ideas for your 2014 list:

1. Pilot a Biplane
Biplane Fun, California 2. Skydive
Skydive Fiji3. SkyJump from Stratosphere Tower, Vegas
Vegas Skyjump4. Fly a Jet Pack with JetLev
Jet pack flight Newport Beach California
5. Whitewater Rafting in Class V Rapids
Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica6. Caving or Spelunking
Caving in New Brunswick, Canada
 7. Night Snorkel with Manta Rays in HawaiiManta-Ray-Night-Dive---Hula-Kai
8. Do an Off-Road ATV Adventure in Aruba
ATV Adventure, Aruba9. Ride a Camel through the Desert in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum Camel Ride10. Skeet Shoot in Dominican Republic
Casa de Campo Shooting Club11. Windsurf in Aruba
Windsurfing, Aruba12. Zipline in Costa Rica
Ziplining13. Pilot a Helicopter
star-helicopters lesson14. Dog-Sledding in Alaska
Travel Adventure Alaska Dog Sledding15. Swim with Whale Sharks
Whale Sharks Georgia Aquarium16. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Balloon Atlanta17. Fly a Glider
glider flight18. Rappelling
Cape Enrage, New Brunswick19. Rock Climbing
rock climbing, New Burnswick20. Boogie Boarding
Hard Rock Vallarta Boogie Boarding21. Trapeze Lessons (On your wedding day is optional)
Destination Wedding Jamaica Trapeze22. Sailing Lessons
Family Travel New Brunswick Sailing23. Heli-Skiing
heliskiing24. Paragliding
Eagle Paragliding, Santa Barbara25. Ride through Petra, Jordan on a Donkey
Petra, Jordan26. Sleep Under the Stars in Wadi Rum, Jordan
My Jordan Journey27. Rappel a Waterfall
My Jordan Journey28. Take Surf Lessons in Fiji
Surfing Fiji29. Walk on a Glacier in Alaska
Adventure Travel Alaska30. Drive a Dune Buggie in Fiji
Go Dirty Dune Buggy Tours, Fiji


79 thoughts on “30 Tested Adventures for Your 2014 Bucket List

    • It seems rather than getting shorter my list keeps getting longer regardless of how many items I cross off. It’s not a complaint though; a bucket list life is awesome! 🙂

      Are you an avid skier?


      • Yes – despite living on the East Coast…

        Actually planning Whistler trip for 2014 Christmas – perhaps heliskiing will be the perfect present!!

        Your Caribbean trips sounds incredible! Have you been to St Vincent & the Grenadines? A boat trip around those islands is now on my list. I have been to two of the islands but want to explore more!
        By the way – thanks to you (truly) I have changed my view on bucket lists to something positive and absolutely something I need to have and chase!


        • I haven’t been to St Vincent & the Grenadines yet; so many locations and so little time 😉 It’s definitely on my list though.

          I appreciate your constant support and I smile every time I see your profile photos because I know it’s going to be next to a positive, encouraging text. You’re a light!

          Happy New Year.

          May the world be at your doorstep,



          • Ding Dang Lesley Carter how good a comment is that to open up and read?! Thankyou!!!
            Happy 2014 to you & your family too – looking forward to seeing what it brings!!


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  2. That boogie boarding pic is fantastic!!! My only travel wish for 2014 is a white Christmas in Canada! Need to choose between Banff & Whistler. I vote Banff because I love the place and want my South Pacific family to experience it.


  3. “The more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve.” <– love that. also, jordan is an amazing country and to this day, i will never forget the time i spent in the wadi rum desert. i would add going for a jeep ride in the desert, along with floating on the dead sea to the list 🙂


    • I realized when I had limited the list to 30, I’d have to leave out a few amazing adventures but they were definitely on my life list. The Dead Sea was such a unique experience, right? I’m not sure if I’d say it was as adventurous as the other though; that’s why I left it off. 🙂

      What other countries top your list?


      • canada (particularly british columbia – such an amazing province; if you’re looking for adventure, definitely hit up whistler, or go wakeboarding in the okanagan with spectacular views in the summer), and any beach in south east asia (boracay and palawan in the philippines, koh samui in thailand, and bali in indonesia). this christmas i tried an underwater scooter in bali – definitely not as cool as it sounds and i wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone, but it was a unique experience nonetheless


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    • Well I do stand on the corner every night and sell my goods; does that count? 😉

      Not independently wealthy or even in the upper class, but I go after what I want and I won’t give up on anything.

      I did a lot of these things while I was a university student with loans and bills. I took extra jobs, lived well below my means, and thought outside of the box to bring it all to reality.

      Everything is possible.



      • Selling goods? You mean girlscout cookies? I’ll take two boxes of chocolate mint, please! 😉

        Yeah, I have to ask because I feel so poorly travelled, and conversely it was when I was poor, like you described, that all my adventures happened. Since going sedentary, the farthest I’ve been is the other side of the country. Makes me sad somedays 😦


  5. Wow, you are really living out your dreams. Very good for you. And in many years, you will have a lot to tell the younger family about. Specially about living out their dreams too.
    I’m not for the dangerous experinces, as you are, but absolutely for living out your dreams.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  6. I’ve done #12 (same place) and #16 (Albuquerque, NM). I need to get moving on my bucket list.
    Here’s a question….were you leery or afraid of doing any of these, but pleasantly surprised that they weren’t as scarey as you thought? Just curious. 🙂
    Great post!! Love the expressions on your face!!


  7. Thanks for the follow Leslie and the kind holiday wishes. I think I need to make a bucket list! Your yearly accomplishments are impressive to say the least! Have a blessed day! Much love and light to you. Queen Of Hearts


  8. Wow, that’s an amazing list! This may be the year I go sky-diving. I want to experience that soon. Any of those would be spectacular though. All the best for the New Year! 🙂


  9. As I was scrolling through your list I noticed that it was your smile that got me most! Somehow I stopped dropping by your blog – forgot how happy it alwas makes me feel 🙂 And how much it makes me think of what it is I want to do (or not do ;-> ) Best wishes for a fabulous New Year!


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  11. Curious if marriage or getting older has slowed down your adventures? I turn 67 this month and have been married for 40 years…but we are still going strong, because we made travel a priority for us and our kids. My wife is a pilot and we are both scuba divers, skiers, and equestrians…so not just drinking, eating, and museums in 48 states and more than 45 countries. We have a bucket list of visiting all the US national parks & monuments (there are a lot!)…just added three more in 2013 (Death Valley, Organ Pipe, and Saguaro). Happy New Year (and adventure).


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