Exhale – We’ve Arrived at Marriott, Grand Cayman

Marriott Grand Cayman Beach View

2013 was an amazing year filled with family, travel, and adventure, but sometimes we just need a minute to exhale. Today, we arrived at Grand Cayman Marriott and that’s exactly what we did – breathed out, relaxed, and took it all in.Β 

Rather than planning every minute of the day, we left it open to explore the property and reconnect.

Grand Cayman Marriott Vacation With an endless sugary sandΒ beach, we kicked off our sandals and walked barefoot for miles. Most of the time, we weren’t even talking, just holding hands and walking, listening to the waves, and enjoying the sand between our toes.

I felt completely at ease; it was my dream version of going to the spa. This is my Heaven.

69 thoughts on “Exhale – We’ve Arrived at Marriott, Grand Cayman

    • I think you’ll most likely be in the George Town area if you’re doing a cruise. Is that right? There are lots of tours that go out from that area and there is a public bus that you can get for only $2.50 US that takes you all around as well.


  1. Lovely, see that you really love adventure, good news about the coming Chinese New year, year of the Horse, is that it is a year for adventure and a good one as well, so if you want to continue all the adventure then 2014 is the year to do it! Lovely blog, enjoy reading it as I am not the adventurous type, except when it comes to food!




      • O goodness there are so many! I love all food, especially fresh and well prepared and respected in the process. My favourite still remains a South African dish called Bobotie, it is a sweet mince meat dished with lots of curry spice and an egg custard, delicious!


    • The color of the water is a little less exotic the last few days because of the high winds. I think Grand Cayman will need to make its way back on to my list again soon. It sounds like I’m not going to make it to Stingray City on this trip.


  2. That, indeed, is my idea of vacation. White sand, turquoise blue water, solitude – nothing better! No need to fill every minute – then it becomes work instead of vacation. Enjoy your time there and I look forward to the minutes that you do schedule with fun activities


    • Where did you stay when you were here? The entire country is stunning; unfortunately we’ve arrived in the heart of some bad weather and most activities have been cancelled. I’m going to wash away my worries with a couples massage this afternoon πŸ˜‰


      • No. We just usually wing it. There was a storm brewing with a bit of wind so the water was cold, and I had heard that most of the activities were cancelled. We visited a coastal graveyard, walked on some beaches, collected some shells, and then hopped in a taxi back to the port.


    • I’m at one of the most beautiful resorts in one of the most beautiful countries, but the high winds and heavy rain are eliminating any chance of enjoying the beach and sunshine. Rather than complaining about it, we’ve scheduled a couples massage for this afternoon and a rum tasting at Margaritaville tonight. πŸ˜‰


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