Couples Retreat – La Mer Spa, Marriott Grand Cayman

Marriott Grand Cayman La Mer Spa

Our wedding anniversary was a few weeks ago but with everything going on, travel, work, selling the house, the holidays, daily life, we didn’t stop to breathe, let alone celebrate. Besides, we had bigger fish in our sights – our trip to Marriott Grand Cayman. We’re more about celebrating life rather than specific days anyway. We opted for a more romantic vacation than our typical go, go, go adventures and planned an entire relaxing day together. We booked a couples massage at La Mer Spa followed by a Jacuzzi bath and we learned that sometimes, even if life as close to perfect as you can imagine, you just need to breathe.Β 

La Mer Spa Marriott Grand Cayman

We arrived at La Mer Spa at 1 pm to a soothing room with low lighting and relaxing music. The beds, side-by-side, allowed us to enjoy the pleasures of a massage at the same time. It was a unique experience, to be massaged with someone else in the room, but it was oddly calming at the same time. There was something about being fully engaged in an activity together that helped us reconnect. It was like skydiving together. Although we don’t actually jump out of the plane together, knowing that we’re both having this amazing experience at relatively the same time was invigorating.

Massage at La Mer Marriott Grand Cayman

Near the end of the massage, the masseuse started to fill theΒ Jacuzzi. It was the perfect temperature by the time we got in and the candles and champagne made it look like the set from a movie. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, minus the whole prostitute part.

La Mer Spa Marriott Grand Cayman

We relaxed in the bubbling Jacuzzi for twenty minus, sometimes chatting and other times just enjoying the moment together. The hour and a half time period did more to help us share, connect, and feel “in love” than all of the time in the last month combined.

Life is busy and relationships are hard. Darren and I have very little time together during a regular week and it usually involves cooking meals, running errands, playing with Athena (not that that is a negative), and maintaining a household. The only time we spend alone together is in bed and between 8-10 pm when Athena has gone to sleep. That’s not enough. Our time at Marriott Grand Cayman has allowed us to reconnect in a way not possible at home. I often hear, “How can you afford to travel so often?” But I think the question really is, “Can you afford not to travel?”

32 thoughts on “Couples Retreat – La Mer Spa, Marriott Grand Cayman

  1. It’s hard to find time to be together when you have kids. My husband is away often so when he’s home we always try to have a night just for us; no tv, no computer, no phone….just us. We started playing board games and talking more about “life”.


  2. Lesley you are discovering the ‘musts’ for a happy marriage. Spending special time together is a battery recharge for the relationship whether that be a special trip or a picnic in the living room between 8-10. Enjoy the moments!


  3. I’m glad you and your husband had a good time at this spa. At one point, jak and I actually had enough money so that jak told me to go take a spa day. Loved it, but it wasn’t as nice as the one you visited.


  4. I think it’s lovely that couples take the time to travel and connect. Not taking the time to do so leads to weird, uncomfortable situations like the ones I find myself in. 11 years in and wondering where it all went haywire. Good for you guys.


  5. WOW this looks wonderful and I’m booking myself in for a massage pronto. Although not in such luxury surroundings. It looks like you had an amazing time. I’m not married nor do I have children but I know how life can get in the way of life and it’s so important to take that time out. Glad that you enjoyed. πŸ™‚


  6. Sounds amazing :)) the marriot is absolutely amazing, I love staying there! Traveling is a huge passion of mine also, it enlightens something within me… I need to keep the marriot grand cayman at the top of my list! Thank you for sharing this πŸ™‚


  7. Happy anniversary and great trip idea and it is so wonderful that your husband was able to enjoy the time spent with you ,even if it was a massage . I like massages and it’s nice that he did to . You have a great guy there who sees how important it is to share openly. Congratulation.


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