5 Spectactular Reasons to Stay at Marriott Grand Cayman‏

Grand Cayman Marriott

I don’t usually return to a resort twice, but I look forward to my next vacation at Marriott Grand Cayman. It’s a place to create memories that will last a lifetime. With endless opportunities for families, couples, or even singles, it calls my name for a quick return.

Here are 5 amazing reasons why Marriott Grand Cayman should be on your bucket list:

5. The Pool – Located directly on the beach, the pool is freshwater and it’s only steps from the ocean. Towels and chair covers are provided for relaxing and pool bar service is constant with friendly, eager staff. We spent more than half of our time playing in the pool. Regardless if I was catching up on work, catching some rays, or catching Darren on the pool floats, being in the pool was a great way to pass the day.

Grand Cayman Marriott Pool

4. Location, Location, Location – Luxury Grand Cayman Resort is centrally located on the world-famous Seven Mile Beach and is within walking distance to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Walking along the beach, we strolled for hours and visiting George Town, the Turtle Farm, and Dolphin Cay were all easily accessible by a public bus that picks up directly in front of the Marriott. Maybe you’re interested in seeing a movie or dining off property? Camana Bay is only steps away and offers food, entertainment, fashion, business, and architecture. We opted for a dinner at Camana Bay and had a difficult time choosing an establishment because there were so many choices. There’s something for every taste. All of Grand Cayman is at the doorstep of the Marriott.

Marriott Grand Cayman Beach

3. All-You-Can-Eat Lobster Dinner at Marriott’s Solana Restaurant- You can indulge in unlimited Lobster at a tranquil beachfront setting. Solana’s decadent Unlimited Lobster is available Wednesday nights and includes a glass of sparkling wine. The desserts are equally satisfying, if that’s even possible, so be sure to save room. (I have a special reserve for desserts anyway.)

Lobster Night Marriott Grand Cayman

2. La Mer Spa – La Mer Spa offers a complete palette of treatments to revitalize the soul and soothe the senses. We opted for a couples massage and a Jacuzzi bath with sea salts and aromatherapy oils. The jets soothed our muscles while we sipped on some champagne.
La Mer Spa Marriott Grand Cayman
1. Amenities – Give me an onsite pool, a beautiful beach, and delicious food options and I’m a happy vacationer but added amenities are always icing on the cake. All within the Marriott grounds, you can find Red Sail Sports (offering jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling and water skiing) , car rentals, the Reef Ball Project, a fitness center, a concierge desk, a kid’s club, babysitting, a beauty shop, business services, and wedding services. That’s a lot of icing!
Marriott Grand Cayman Resort
I’ve been to over 40 countries and countless luxury resorts but none have called my name like Marriott Grand Cayman. Until we meet again…

34 thoughts on “5 Spectactular Reasons to Stay at Marriott Grand Cayman‏

  1. Looks heavenly!
    I heard that Jacques Cousteau’s son runs a children’s diving center on the island – did you happen upon that? Granted your one year old is probably a year or two away from the deep dives (judging on the dna!)


  2. Hmm, might have to put Grand Cayman higher up on my list- beautiful pictures! I loved number 3- it reminded me something my daughter told me one night when she hadn’t finished her dinner. I said she couldn’t have any dessert until she finished more of her food (probably the vegetable part). She said “I don’t have anymore room in my regular stomach but my dessert stomach is empty” 🙂


  3. Hi Lesley, looks like you had a really great time! That’s great!! Makes me homesick for my favorite beach in Bermuda ‘Turtle Beach’ no actually it is the beach two beaches down from that one on the Nature Reserve which is on the former US base. It is such a beautiful place if you ever go there. I love going there with my family when I’m back home. You know you should really visit Bermuda!!! I’ll blog about it at some point and try to convince you. I think you had a post on it somewhere!!!!


  4. I agree and plus, Grand Cayman is a great spot. Did you find the water so salty? Apparently it’s one of the saltiest waters in the world? I absolutely love snorkeling in Grand Cayman as well. So many great things to see and crystal clear waters!


  5. This place looks amazing, I want to go right now especially since the temps here in Wisconsin are below zero and the wind chills are getting to 40 below zero.


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