A Photo Journey through Atlantis, Bahamas

Royal Tower, Atlantis, Bahamas

Trying to explain everything that Atlantis, Paradise Island has to offer in one post would be impossible. Surprises and unique adventures were around every corner. From water slides, marine habitats, adventure currents, nightly entertainment, spas, sports, and a casino, it was important to pick favorites and cover those activities first because the endless adventures would provide a lifetime of entertainment. Follow our Atlantis journey through a series of my favorite photos. 

Celebrity Transfers picked us up at the airport and drove us to The Reef, Atlantis in style.

Celebrity Transfers, Atlantis, Bahamas

The Reef provided us with all the comforts of home including a kitchen, garden tub, amazing ocean views, a semi-private pool, and easy access to the white-sand beaches.

The Reef, Atlantis

The Reef, Atlantis

Our View from The Reef, Atlantis Bahamas

Aquaventure, Atlantis Paradise Island’s water park, is a 141-acre waterscape with non-stop aquatic thrill ride features over twenty million gallons of water, thrilling high-speed water slides, a mile-long river ride with rolling rapids and wave surges, 20 swimming areas, a spectacular kids water-play fort, and 11 unique and refreshing swimming pools. We rode The Current and somehow managed to stay in the tube even when everyone around us was falling out.

Aquaventure, Atlantis Paradise Island

The Current, Atlantis

Aquaventure, Atlantis Paradise Island

The Marine Habitat offers a unique opportunity to explore lagoons, caves, coral formations, and underwater ruins designed to showcase exotic marine life ranging from dolphins and sea lions to sharks, rays, barracuda, to piranha, and eels. Athena loved the sharks the most; amazed by their graceful movements.

Atlantis, The Dig

The Dig, Atlantis

Playing with sea lions and dolphins was a first for my sister, Gabriella. The smile never left her face during the entire time we were in the extraordinary, almost dreamlike, environment.

Funny Sea Lion, Atlantis, Bahamas

Swimming with Dolphins at Atlantis, Bahamas

Every beach at Atlantis has its own unique allure and charm. Mom relaxed during her morning stroll on Atlantis Beach where she rubbed her feet in the fine powder-sand and we all splashed in the waves of The Cove Beach while looking at the spectactular vista of azure water.  Beaches, Atlantis Bahamas

Beaches, Atlantis Bahamas

Visiting Atlantis included adventure, relaxation, family-fun, and side splitting entertainment with Sherri Shepherd. It also included over-coming one of my greatest fears – swimming with sharks through Sea Trek.

Sea Trek Walk with Sharks

Sea Trek Walk with Sharks

The options at Atlantis are endless. When you book your vacation, start thinking about what you’d like to do the most immediately because you’re in for a non-stop, dream-like experience.

42 thoughts on “A Photo Journey through Atlantis, Bahamas

  1. It does sound dreamy. Playtime and adventure in the sun and sand. I’m dreaming of it right now from my couch with a subtle cold draft hitting the backs of my ankles.
    Hope you had a wonderful time- and wondering if you are still in NC? cheers, wendy


    • I am still in Charlotte, Wendy. Our closing date is Feb. 14th so we’ll be moving back to California after that. I’m going to Puerto Rico this week and then packing for the move. It should be busy but fun. 🙂


  2. I could really use a vacation where it’s warm and breezy right about now. These below zero temps we’ve had in the Finger Lakes aren’t cutting it for me 🙂 I’ll just bask in your pictures!


  3. Looks like they have added to it a bit since I was there back in the mid 90’s, I was working for a company back then that was doing some consulting for them, and I was part of one group they sent. We spent almost a month there and stayed in every tower they had back then (Beach, Coral & Royal), unfortunately it was a working trip, but we still managed to walk the grounds every evening to unwind. Would love to get back again and be able to just relax.


  4. Thanks for the recent visit to my photo blog! Interesting to read about the Atlantis Resort. A few days ago I was watching a documentary about the lost city of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. Yes, I’m a bit of a mystery buff when it comes to the unknown. Have you thought about traveling to various sites where mysterious activities have been happening? This could definitely switch the gears with your travels! Be safe and drop a line when you can. 🙂


  5. Looks to me like you and your family had a good time.

    Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t been by lately. I’ve just had a very triggering week. I spent the past week working myself up to and actually writing the post where I tell the full story about me and Mr. X. I plan to publish it on Saturday. In the meantime, I’m having to climb out of the hole I’ve flung myself into as a result. Hope things continue to be fun for you.


  6. Your pictures of Atlantis are absolutely gorgeous. I gave a lot of consideration to doing a day at Atlantis when we stopped in Nassau on a cruise last winter, but after looking into it a little more, it became clear that a day isn’t nearly long enough. After looking at this post, I am even more eager to do an Atlantis vacation!

    http://whathappenswhenthetravelbugbites.wordpress.com (travel blog)
    http://marljust.blogspot.ca (personal blog)


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