Why Some of the Best Resorts are Difficult to Explore

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Pool

It’s no secret that I love Marriott Vacation Club and the activities that they offer read like a phone book so why is it that I’ve been here at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas for almost two days and I haven’t spent much time on the property? The answer is simple – they offer the best of both worlds. With endless on-site amenities, I could be here for a month and still not explore all of the possibilities but the off-site activities are equally plentiful. It’s a balancing act between spending time at one of the most beautiful resorts in the world and exploring the surroundings. Some of the best resorts are difficult to explore because they put the world at your finger tips. It’s like giving you Genie-like capabilities for the day. With all of those choices, how do you decide?

Normally at the end of my day, I like to write about everything that I experienced, keeping you in the loop as up-to-date as possible. Today, though, we saw the entire property via the free shuttle service, played in the games area, rode the complimentary shuttle to Beachcomber Cafe, had breakfast on the beach, went on a private Duffy Boat tour with Have Fun Tours, and we dined at Sabatino’s Restaurant. I’d be writing until tomorrow if I was going to share my day.

Tonight, you’ll need to settle for highlight photos and posts to follow soon.

Good morning from Newport Coast Villas

Rising with the sun isn’t so bad when it looks like this.

Newport Coast Villas Games

Athena’s version of chess at 7 am.

Marriott's Newport Coast Villas #MarriottNCV

Exploring the grounds via the complimentary shuttle service.

Beachcomber Cafe Beach View

The view from Beachcomber Cafe.

Beachcomber Cafe

My breakfast at Beachcomber Cafe.

Sea Lion - Have Fun Tours

Just one of the amazing sights during the Have Fun Tours Duffy Boat adventure.

Athena driving the Duffy Boat

Athena driving the Duffy Boat with Have Fun Tours.

Sabatino's Restaurant

My dinner at Sabatino’s Restaurant.

If that doesn’t look like a full day, wait until you see what I have planned for tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Why Some of the Best Resorts are Difficult to Explore

  1. Wow, it looks like a wonderful place, where you are now.
    If I remember right, I have only used Marriott Hotels in Dublin, Ireland, as I visited in 2004 together with my daughter. It was also luxury, but without the beaches πŸ˜€
    Nice that both of you are feeling healthy again.

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  2. It’s a tough choice–everything at your fingertips or exploring. I took my boys to Costa Rica, stayed at Villa Caletas–loved the hotel–but had an off-site adventure every day. It was the best of both worlds!


  3. It is funny. I work at resort yet I never stay in one. I am more of the “explore the unbeaten path” kind of traveler. However, this seems like a super relaxing experience. The food looks out of this world. It is going to be painful to return back to the grind!


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