30 Tested Bucket List Adventures

Adventure Collage

What are your top five bucket list items? Share your list with others, making it more likely to come true. I’ve successfully completed hundreds of bucket list items from flying a jet pack to traveling the world and I achieved them by creating a yearly list. The more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve. What’s on your list?

Here are 30 tested ideas for the adventure section of your bucket list:

1. Pilot a Biplane
Biplane Fun, California 2. Skydive
Skydive Fiji3. SkyJump from Stratosphere Tower, Vegas
Vegas Skyjump4. Fly a Jet Pack with JetLev
Jet pack flight Newport Beach California
5. Whitewater Rafting in Class V Rapids
Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica6. Caving or Spelunking
Caving in New Brunswick, Canada
 7. Night Snorkel with Manta Rays in HawaiiManta-Ray-Night-Dive---Hula-Kai
8. Do an Off-Road ATV Adventure in Aruba
ATV Adventure, Aruba9. Ride a Camel through the Desert in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum Camel Ride10. Skeet Shoot in Dominican Republic
Casa de Campo Shooting Club11. Windsurf in Aruba
Windsurfing, Aruba12. Zipline in Costa Rica
Ziplining13. Pilot a Helicopter
star-helicopters lesson14. Dog-Sledding in Alaska
Travel Adventure Alaska Dog Sledding15. Swim with Whale Sharks
Whale Sharks Georgia Aquarium16. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Balloon Atlanta17. Fly a Glider
glider flight18. Rappelling
Cape Enrage, New Brunswick19. Rock Climbing
rock climbing, New Burnswick20. Boogie Boarding
Hard Rock Vallarta Boogie Boarding21. Trapeze Lessons (On your wedding day is optional)
Destination Wedding Jamaica Trapeze22. Sailing Lessons
Family Travel New Brunswick Sailing23. Heli-Skiing
heliskiing24. Paragliding
Eagle Paragliding, Santa Barbara25. Ride through Petra, Jordan on a Donkey
Petra, Jordan26. Sleep Under the Stars in Wadi Rum, Jordan
My Jordan Journey27. Rappel a Waterfall
My Jordan Journey28. Take Surf Lessons in Fiji
Surfing Fiji29. Walk on a Glacier in Alaska
Adventure Travel Alaska30. Drive a Dune Buggie in Fiji
Go Dirty Dune Buggy Tours, FijiShare via Facebook or Twitter with your top five bucket list items as the title! 

58 thoughts on “30 Tested Bucket List Adventures

  1. 1) Snowboard at Madonna di Campiglio.

    2) Sleep near the beach in a tent on Tavarua.

    3) Spend a weekend in Ouray, CO and take in the hot springs.

    4) Get my commercial rating, fly a turbine heli.

    5) Race in a SCCA or NASA event in a car I built.


  2. So glad a youngster at you is doing all that stuff! Makes my bones hurt to read it (at 70!). But I did body surf as a kid (when not many girls did that), raced Siberian huskies, and tried to sneak two Foreign Legionnaires off Corsica during a wild adventure on a yacht at 19 (in 1963).


  3. Of the thirty, there are only 2 non-sport things! Is that all you wanna do in life? This is the 4th country I’m living in, and visited many more, but all of these were never on my bucket list to begin with!


  4. 1. Visit the graves of the Shinsengumi in Kyoto, Japan. 2. Win a major writing award. 3. Become a grandmother. 4. See the regatta in Venice, Italy. 5. Learn hang gliding.


  5. You are amazing! Have you ever noticed, you do a lot of things “in the air” and “suspended”? 🙂
    Wondering if we can get you someday to Provence, and maybe a small plane flight over the area OR even better, cliff diving along the Mediterranean in Provence ???? Best, Wendy


  6. You, girl, (just) wanna have fun.. and you sure know how to do it! I think swimming with dolphins and walking the Via Francigena in Italy (preferably with donkeys or alpacas in tow) rank right up there, tied in 1st spot 😉


  7. I just completed my 2014 bucket list with lots of thing, but ti´his must be my top 5:)
    1: Try sand surfing in the Sahara desert, 2: Go on an african safari, 3: Learn to Kite Surf, 4: See the Grand Canyon,.. and last but not least, reach 110 travel days in total for 2014:)

    Most of it has already been scheduled..I’m so excited!
    Thank you for your inspiration:)


  8. Have you ever been to the Galapagos Islands? They were on my bucket list and definitely worth the trip. Very different from anywhere else that I’ve travelled!


  9. Thanks for liking my post. These look like so much fun. Honestly, though I just do not have the time to do these things. But, we can live vicariously through your adventures..Have a blessed day!


  10. Hmmm, don’t presently have a bucket list written down but have many more adventures I want to take on. Let’s write 5 down…

    1. Publish a book in print
    2. Visit all 7 continents (currently at 4)
    3. Skydive (still haven’t done it!)
    4. Backpack through Patagonia (I live in Chile, it’s inevitable)

    and last but not least, the craziest thing on my list, that I knew I would accomplish since I was 8 years old…

    5. Float in space face down watching the earth pass ‘below’ me. Can’t wait!!

    Great 30 items. Have you visited Chile down here? Also I just follwed you on Twitter, I’m @zacharykreid Keep it up!!


  11. Bucket List Top Five:

    Becoming an internationally successful author
    Being able to live financially comfortably
    Providing acting, dancing and singing education for my grandson
    Taking my grandson to Europe
    Living permanently in Italy

    (Wouldn’t mind taking a ride in a hot-air balloon)


  12. Might I suggest “ride the world’s oldest roller coaster”? It’s not a very tall one, nor a very fast one — its top speed is about 12 miles per hour, and its steepest drop only about nine feet — but it dates to the days before they invented the “upstop” wheels which keep the car from flying off the track, and so, it really leaps! That’s the Leap-the-Dips at Lakemont Park, in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and it’s both thrilling and remarkably satisfying.


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  15. 1) Backpack the Smokey Mountains.
    2) Take a cruise to Antarctica.
    3) Go to India (anywhere in India!)
    4) Lord of the Rings locations in New Zealand (I’m a big dork)
    5) Go to Hawaii and see where Lost was filmed (more dork points).
    6) Go skydiving!!


  16. i’d love to do all that, though i’ll skip no.3 and 23. no.25 has always been on my list. been to israel and egypt. joined a group tour for that trip. sadly, without my knowledge, they group decided to slash that one location out of the itinerary and replaced it with another. sigh…


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