Turned On by a Woman at the ESPA, Riga

ESPA Riga, Latvia

I’m no stranger to massages. I’ve had more than a handful in the last two years. Normally, I lay on the table wondering if I should have established a safe word. The answer is usually “yes.” No need this time; she knew exactly the way I like it… maybe even a little too much. Admittedly, I was turned on by the femaleΒ masseuse at ESPA, Riga. I left thinking if this is what massages are suppose to feel like, Darren is not allowed to go anymore.Β 

Treatment Room ESPA Riga, Latvia

Even when she walked into the room, it created a sense of power or control as she asked me to sit in the seat and she knelt on the floor in front of me. She said, “Do you like it soft, medium, or hard?” “Soft,” I replied.

She then gave me a choice of scents and a pair of black, mesh-like, disposable underwear to put on and left the room. I’d never been given underwear before during a massage. It seemed naughty even though I was putting on more clothes.

When she returned to the room, she began massaging my back. She was like an octopus, in a good way, with arms everywhere. She used her entire arm, starting from my neck and down to my lower back. Totally aware of her hand, arm, and elbow movements, it felt like a group of people where massaging me at once. Maybe this is a typical massage in Europe, but if it is, I’ve been missing out.

ESPA Riga, Latvia

The oils were used freely, heated perfectly, and sometimes made noises against my legs when she rubbed quickly. There isn’t even a clean way to describe it. I feel like I’m writing an erotic novel.

I turned over and she massaged the front of my body. I just kept thinking how are you covering so much of my leg with your little arm?

It was the most unusual massage I’ve experienced. Quicker, softer movements with copious amounts of oil created a euphoric state. Is this what a massage is suppose to be like? Why is it the first time I’m experiencing this? It was worth the 24-hour flight to Latvia just to visit ESPA Riga.

Dear ESPA Riga Masseuse: Call me. (Obviously meant in a joking manner… sort of.)

68 thoughts on “Turned On by a Woman at the ESPA, Riga

  1. Jealous! I try to have a massage once every two or three months – they’re so GOOD for the body and soul. This one you experienced sounds like an A+. A friend of mine just went to a different kind of massage – the masseuse only uses his feet. My friend said it felt like 10 pairs of hands and was the best he ever had….?!


  2. This sounds like my experience in Spain. They gave me disposable underwear too and I had no idea what it was at first. Luckily the masseuse was really nice and explained what it was-previously I’d always worn my own underwear in the States. She also massaged me really high in areas American masseuses had never massaged me before including my stomach which was a shock compared to the American massages I’d had which are PG. This felt rated R. Though I remember the euphoric state after that you describe. It was wonderful. But I prefer the American approach quite honestly!

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  3. Nice feeling Riga is famous for spa and health. buy some nice soaps they have a lot natural an beautiful soaps πŸ™‚


  4. ….thank you for this….I have been in doubt over a female masseuse for a while, convincing myself that it HAS to be a male. Don’t know why – thought I would be uncomfortable with a female touching me. I really need a good massage – maybe now, I’ll be more open minded.


  5. Great story. I have to have deep tissue massage regularly or I tighten up to the point of getting headaches. My usually massage therapist is very professional and does a great job – I almost always fall asleep. One time, though, I was on vacation and had a massage that was a bit closer to what you described. She didn’t touch me in any inappropriate places or do anything different that I can put my finger on (no pun intended), but I can only describe it as erotic. At the end she stopped in mid-rub, leaned over and whispered, “thank you,” in my ear and left not only the room but the building. The receptionist apologized for the hasty departure, telling me the therapist had remembered a previous engagement.


  6. I feel I’ve had a massage with just your description. I haven’t had one for four years and was thinking about indulging this weekend. Think I might just do it now


  7. I don’t do many messages, mostly because I am afraid I might fart in the middle. But I haven’t walked out of one feeling like that. All I can say is LUCKY!


  8. Really…what they all said…that’s how a massage should be. Maybe you would like one with two masseuses at the same time, sometimes called a “stereo” massage. Personally, I didn’t like that – I found it too distracting to have all that happening at once! But yes, a good massage is worth crossing the world for (although you shouldn’t have to!).


  9. Europeans massage differently but all good in my experience, from the Scandanavian countries, firm and hot to the slapping heat and humidity of the Turks and Greeks to the sensuousness of the Eastern countries.


  10. Have you tried Indian Ayurveda massage? They use feet too and it is fantastic.

    PS they do give disposable underwear in many different European countries.


  11. I had a massage in Thailand and they gave me the dubious mesh underwear, titled ‘G-String’ on the packet. It was even funnier when they gave the same ‘G-String’ to my boyfriend πŸ™‚ Something lost in the translation, I think. Easily the most pointless bits of fabric (if you can call it that) I’ve come across.


  12. That’s interesting about the disposable underwear- you don’t find that here in the States, but they gave them out when I had a massage in Tahiti (but interestingly enough, not in the Cook Islands.) Maybe the birthday suit is an Anglo thing- need to ask some Brits πŸ™‚


  13. Dang, lol that turned me on and I didn’t even get the massage! I bet that was heaven on earth, I would be asking myself, “why has this ended”? Wow, what an experience, are you sure she was not an angel and not employed with the company? ha!


  14. I must get one of those. Everyone I’ve gotten I’m either sore or sick for three days. If I say avoid a certain area as it hurts it seems like they think they can make it better! Oh you may have changed my mind! Oh la la….now I know there is something better out there!


  15. I have a friend just getting delivery of some bath balls and lotion from Stenders store in Spice in Riga (a friend visited from Chicago). Apparently their goods are worth hauling on very long flights. Thanks for the great posts from my birthplace…. πŸ™‚


  16. You are hilarious indeed! Funny, I just had a similar experience in Casablanca as I had a hammam. I just haven’t had time to post my thoughts on the experience yet.


  17. sounds like she performed her job very well. err… can i have her number? ’cause you got me in the mood for a little massage now ;p


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