Vienna: A City of Goliath Proportions

Vienna from the House of the Sea

I never imaged that when I stepped into the streets in Vienna, I would be surrounded by such significant and grandiose buildings. Hofburg Palace, Vienna Opera House, and St. Stephan’s Cathedral create extraordinary viewpoints in Vienna, Austria and these are just a few among many. Vienna is a city of Goliath Proportions. These are just a few of the unbelievable sights in Vienna. My head is like it’s on a swivel a I can’t put my camera away. Every building on every corner is photo worthy.

Hofburg Palace 
Hofburg Palace

Vienna Opera House
Vienna Opera House

St. Stephan’s Cathedral
St. Stephen's Cathedral

If you think these are beautiful, wait until you see Schönbrunn Palace. Has Vienna always been on your list? After years of dreaming, I’m finally here. I don’t want to sleep so I can take more in.

46 thoughts on “Vienna: A City of Goliath Proportions

  1. Great photos. Have a coffee and a sweet in a modest cafe where a musician or two might be playing classical music. You won’t find that in U.S. Starbucks. In the evening have a Bratwurst with mustard from a street vendor.


    • Oh, and if you like beer find a place to have an Austrian lager and watch them pour from the tap while they scrape off tons of foam with what looks like a wooden tongue depressor. I’m an ale man myself (but not a Yale man) however I found Austrian lagers extremely palatible.


  2. The photos are fabulous….I especially remember being in a top floor restaurant (above a shopping mall) looking out on the roof of the Cathedral at night time…it was like a fairytale. And I couldn’t just say Vienna without saying ‘Oooohhhh Vienna’ a song from the 80’s rem??? The golden Strauss Statue a wonder too…and Mozarts house where I learned that an Irish Tenor turned up with his Piano for a singing lesson…and Mozart rightly told him that the piano would not be needed! Enjoy Ooohh Vienna xx


  3. You have such a beautiful blog, I’ve been away for a while but I love your blog and love the ideas I get for planning my own trips, I hope your 2014 bucket list is going fantastically 🙂 Daisy x


  4. Have a spectacular time through and through in that magical city! I am so thrilled I get to go back to Wien this summer for the first time in years. If you’re really hungry, hop over to Gösser Bierklinik for the loveliest, tenderest (and possibly, largest) Wienerschnitzel of your life. I assume they’re still as good as they were, since they’ve been around for eons! Any place called a Beer Clinic can’t be all bad, eh! Be sure to check the wall for the old cannonball still sticking out of it. 😉 Whatever you do, have a fabulous time. It’d be pretty tough *not* to, in Vienna.


  5. On our list. Someone told me years ago that the typical “3 nights” is not enough for Vienna. Way too much worth seeing and appreciating – art, history, science, architecture. Oh, did I mention music??? Enjoy whatever time you have.


  6. My husband ran the marathon there (twice) and so I tagged along. Beautiful city and so much history. If you get a chance, read “A Nervous Splendor” by Frederic Morton ~ it’s a fascinating slice of Vienna history from 1888 to 1889.


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