Indulge at Grand Europa Hotel, Innsbruck

Grand Hotel Europa Front Desk

It’s still three more days until I get to see Athena and if you’ve been following my posts you know that I’m not taking it very well. Rather than moping around Innsbruck, I’ve decided to indulge in many of the things that I don’t often have time for as a toddler’s mother and Innsbruck’s only 5-star hotel, The Grand Hotel Europa is the ideal starting point for my indulgence. 

Grand Hotel Europa Room, Innsbruck, Austria

After traveling around Europe for the last two weeks, I’ve been getting tired more quickly during the day so I decided to take a break and relax in the comfy linens on my king bed. I pulled out one of the Mozart CDs that I bought and turned it on. That’s how I spend an hour. I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t write; I didn’t work; I didn’t worry. I let myself listen to the music.
Grand Hotel Europa Bathroom
In the bathroom, I noticed robes, slippers, luxurious bath soaps, and a rainshower head. I took a long, hot shower, something that is often forgotten about by toddler mothers. 

I took my time. Then, blow-dried my hair and curled it with the curling iron. I haven’t done that since before Athena was born. Between resting, the shower, drying and curling my hair, and getting dressed, it took me almost 2 hours to get ready. 

Now, I’m going to dinner at Europa Stuberl, the hotels top-class restaurant. I’m going to order a local dish and have a few glasses of wine. 

I miss Athena. It’s so difficult traveling without her that I don’t go a day without crying, but I have been given this unbelievable, dream-like opportunity to explore a country that has been on my list since I was seven years old and I want to live it. Today was a day to rejuvenate and tomorrow is a day to explore. 

If you have been to Innsbruck yet, just wait until you see the natural, raw beauty here. I’ll take you along tomorrow. Tonight is for me.

31 thoughts on “Indulge at Grand Europa Hotel, Innsbruck

    • My flight back will be the most difficult part of the trip. I have an over night in Berlin but not really enough time to stay at a hotel then a day flight back to North America and the time change and then across the country to the west coast. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. It’s all worth it in the end but lots of traveling.


  1. Innsbruck is probably one of the greatest cities I’ve ever been to. I recommend Mayrhofen as well, my sister lives near there and it’s really stunning! And I don’t know if you’re only visiting cities, but Achensee is something you need to see 😀


  2. You certainly know how to pamper yourself.. and good for you, taking the precious to do NADA! I hope you can really enjoy yourself, even if you’re going it solo (without your husband and Athena).


    • I enjoy having alone time once-and-a-while. Some people don’t want to go to a restaurant or other alone but it has never bothered me.

      I do look forward to getting home to my family but I’m having a lovely time here as well. 🙂


  3. Its great to hear you appreciating your time away and being able to gain enjoyment in the alone time of doing something as simple as taking a shower without a toddler around, at the same time missing Athena and allowing the emotion that comes with it be free. Life doesn’t have to be one or the other does it?
    i think that’s what makes it colourful x


  4. When Athena gets older, you can tell her all these wonderful stories and show her all your pictures about your adventures. And then you can take her back when she is a little older and will remember all of these places (viewing of The Sound of Music required before going).

    A bit different but I loved hearing about and looking at my mom’s pictures of her year in France when she was studying abroad in college. This is how she met and fell in love with my dad (he was her host brother) so there are plenty of pictures of my French family too. I wasn’t there and I didn’t get to experience those moments but it doesn’t make any less fun for me to hear about. You don’t need to experience everything in order to have great memories. 🙂


    • Although your story is from before you were born, it struck a cord with me. Thank you!

      I won’t be able to be with Athena all the time. Travel is a part of my life and a part of me; I can’t give it up. But I don’t think it’s wrong for her to spend time with other family members and I also don’t think it’s wrong for her to see her mother’s passion for life, travel, and adventure, something that other child miss out on.

      We will create plenty of great memories together and I’ll share my experiences with her when she can’t join me.



  5. I loved Innsbruck, and even though we didn’t visit a clock shop, my brother collects clocks. About 50 of them. All set to go off as soon as the first one stops. He’s used to it, but it drives me coo-Koo when I visit.


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  7. I lived 2 months in Innsbruck and stayed my first week at grand hotel. Innsbruck it could be a wonderful place to live if it wasn’t for people…Don’t take me wrong they are kind and…nothing more. I’m southern italian, I’m used to friendly and warm people to enjoy my time with and I couldn’t get it there.


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