A Photo Tour of Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Pier, California

When I first visited Santa Monica Pier, I felt like I was on a movie set. The pier, the sky, and the clouds reflected in the ocean and it created a Alice in Wonderland moment; had a fallen in the rabbit hole and entered another world? I wondered when I was going to run into the Mad Hatter, which was actually possible on the pier.

Santa Monica Pier - Reflections

Unique characters surrounded me and created their own reality.

People at Santa Monica Pier

People at Santa Monica Pier

Jumping in the Water at Santa Monica Pier

Sun Glasses at Santa Monica Pier

The cotton candy from the pier filled the sky at sunset, illuminating the path back to the pier.

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

Unlike Alice, I didn’t need to find my way back home; I was already there. This unbelievable world is at my doorstep.

72 thoughts on “A Photo Tour of Santa Monica Pier, California

  1. I used to go there with my tiny daughter and go on the carousel and build sand castles that she’d smush – so many sand castles and we’re now thousands of miles away…


  2. I can not get enough of these pictures honestly. They are so beautiful and so perfect, it makes you want to be there! Also you just have the greatest posts on your blog, I definitely need to make a bucket list myself.


  3. Weirdly to me(because I don’t know you) – it sounds like you’ve come back to your freedom. Maybe when I eventually arrive in California – and I will – You can show me around! πŸ™‚


  4. Man, I just looove that last photo of yours! that should be on a postcard πŸ™‚ . I miss CA, I have not been there since xmas 2012. They have the most gorgeous sunsets to me, I loved taking photos there:

    Run Among Colors

    Christmas eve surfA father and his son go out for an early morning surf in San Diego, California. The mans son was so happy his father was going to let him use his surfboard he was skipping behind him, so cute!

    San Diego A view of San Diego city across the harbor on Coronado Island. Silhouettes are my aunt and her sister in law.

    Father and daughterI drove down to watch the sun set during my trip to California and sneaked this photo standing behind a father twirling his daughter on the beach. I really regret not telling the father I took a photo of them because I wish they could see this now, I thought it would of seemed creepy at the time.

    omg haha, sorry for my photo spam >_<. Your photos made me think of the awesome time I had there. Can't wait to see more of your posts ❀ .


  5. Santa Monica pier was the end point of my very first road trip, so many miles from Chicago via Route 66, seems so easy to do now but what an adventure at the time and what a spectacular end point. Thanks for sharing 😎


  6. The photos are greatβ€”the first two really set the tone for your article. You seem much more relaxed since moving to CA.


  7. It does look unreal, like a fairy land and a movie set. You look happy and relaxed and that makes me long to give Santa Monica pier a try. I could use a visit to the land of make believe. I love the shot of you with the pier behind you and the reflection in front of you, very cinematic.


  8. The Santa Monica pier is very iconic and easily recognizable to people everywhere due to its presence in so many movies and tv shows! I have my own pier here where I live complete with an amusement park to the side (not on on the pier)–it’s actually the amusement park featured in Big with Tom Hanks and Sweet and Lowdown with Sean Penn so it’s been in at least two movies I can think of (including a Mariah Carey video). It’s nice to live by the coast. πŸ™‚


  9. What a gorgeous picture looking back toward the beach. My grandparents lived in Santa Monica two blocks from the water. Imagine how much we loved visiting them. We spent our summers with our cousins at Pacific Ocean Park. I don’t know if they still use the name, but seeing the roller coaster brought back happy memories!


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