A Photo Tour of Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Pier, California

When I first visited Santa Monica Pier, I felt like I was on a movie set. The pier, the sky, and the clouds reflected in the ocean and it created a Alice in Wonderland moment; had a fallen in the rabbit hole and entered another world? I wondered when I was going to run into the Mad Hatter, which was actually possible on the pier.

Santa Monica Pier - Reflections

Unique characters surrounded me and created their own reality.

People at Santa Monica Pier

People at Santa Monica Pier

Jumping in the Water at Santa Monica Pier

Sun Glasses at Santa Monica Pier

The cotton candy from the pier filled the sky at sunset, illuminating the path back to the pier.

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

Unlike Alice, I didn’t need to find my way back home; I was already there. This unbelievable world is at my doorstep.

72 thoughts on “A Photo Tour of Santa Monica Pier, California

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love Santa Monica, since I grew up in So. Cal, I still have a few friends their. But then I moved to So. Oregon to get away from the smog & traffic! It’s so beautiful in Oregon. We are in Arizona right now while my hubby finish’s meat-cutter school, then back to So. Oregon Coast in late fall. I’m loving your blog! I have panic with agoraphobia, so I don’t travel much anymore 😦 I’m a New Fan! *Catherine* 🙂


  2. These are some great pictures of the pier. I love the sunsets and the peaceful way the ocean looks. Thanks for liking my posts and I always enjoy yours! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day!


  3. By the way, I love everything you wrote! Alice In Wonderland is probably the best way to describe those images! I love seeing surreal photos, and the first and second pier photo really are very surreal!


  4. Thank you for being my free spirit when I can’t get outside my cabin. Pics are great an the feeling of excitement, exploration, and get me there immediate;ly, is foremost. I’ll tag along behind the scenes and experience my “coming”.


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