Where I’ve Been – This is Life in Bonaire

Sebastian's Restaurant Bonaire

This is the longest I’ve gone without checking wordpress in the two and a half years of the site. Why? What is so important that I’m not even checking my mail? It’s Bonaire! I’ve found a quiet, relaxing, laid-back island paradise where everyone is on island time, including me. So if you’re interested in reading about my beautiful, dreamy Bonaire indulgences, you’ll have to wait a few days because I’m sipping cocktails at the bar, snorkeling the turquoise waters, falling asleep in the lounge chairs, eating dinner on the sea, and floating peacefully in the pool. I’ve finally found a place that is so unbelievable that even I will go a few days without posting or checking my mail. Heck yes, I’m on vacation. This is life in Bonaire.


40 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been – This is Life in Bonaire

  1. Ah, how nice. I love the Caribbean Islands. So peaceful you forget there is anther world out there.Lucky you to have found this. Keep it close t your heart, clear of others. It is worth it. But I have a very good feeling you have already figured that one out. Enjoy! πŸ˜€


  2. Discussing with hubby the next vacation place we go to without kids- there have only been 2 of those so far- and he thought one of the ABC islands. I was thinking Curacao but maybe Bonaire if it’s that wonderful…


  3. Sounds great, and wish You all the best. Only, be careful NOT to give its location, as, if You do, in no time it will filled with old bottle, and the whole beach crammed with hotels!


  4. Beautiful picture! I can’t wait till I am able to start traveling around a bit after I’ve got some streams of income set up. Can’t wait to see more!


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  6. Oh man..I want to be there! Now that’s the life! Enjoy it while you can. Thanks for liking my posts and we’ll hear from you when you surface from this great spot! Much love and light to you and have a blessed trip!


  7. You are certainly entitled to a vacation and Bonaire looks magnificent. I would probably end up taking a millions pictures and be blurry-eyed. I’ve got to put this on my bucket list, no pun intended. Enjoy your trip.


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