My Bucketlist Crosses with My Sister’s at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm - Roller Coaster Ride

My sister, Gabriella, is only 12 years old. (I know; my parents are crazy!) The best part about having such a younger sibling, though, is that I get to be part of a lot of her “firsts”. I took her on her first camping trip, I helped her catch her first fish, I took her on her first plane ride, I rode with her on her first water slide, and most recently I sat next to her on her first roller coaster ride. Last weekend at Knott’s Berry Farm, her bucketlist crossed with mine as we braved the ancient mysteries of the Temple of the Jaguar. Our journey took us high above, and through, the other rides and attractions of the park. I crossed off making someone else’s bucketlist dream come true (don’t worry, I still have plans on making it happen for others as well) and she crossed off riding a roller coaster. 

When we first arrived at the park, I didn’t think to ask her if she wanted to ride on one of the roller coasters. She threw up in my car on twisty roads one too many times for me to even consider it, but after a few times on the smaller rides I threw it out there.

“Do you want to come on that roller coasters with me? It’s only a level 4; doesn’t look too bad.”

She said ok and I wanted to run toward it and jump on as quickly as possible. I didn’t want her to have time to change her mind.

Gabby and I at Knott's Berry Farm

Luckily, the line was short and it only took a few minutes before we were buckling in the seat. While we waited, I tried to distract her by chatting about other things and taking a bunch of ridiculous photos. She smiled awkwardly; her anticipation was obvious.

She asked me what would happen if she threw up but I just said, “I’m so confident that you’re not going to throw up that I’m sitting next to you. If it was going to happen, I’d be the one covered in it. You’ll be fine.” It must have done the trick because she buckled up and took a deep breath.

Knott's Berry Farm Rollercoaster

A huge smile was plastered across her face from the time we took off until the ride ended. She even let out a few excited yells along the way. I don’t know who was more proud, her for riding a roller coaster or me for taking her on it.

Knott's Roller Coaster Ride

We rode three other roller coasters together including the Xcelerator which hydraulically launches you off the line at an electrifying top speed of 82 mph in 2.3 seconds through an exhilarating 205-foot ascent and immediate descent at a 90-degree angle. 

Rollercoaster at Knott's Berry Farm

Gabby’s adventurous spirit is slower starting out but with encouragement, she’s unstoppable. This week, roller coasters…. Who knows what I can convince her to do next.

35 thoughts on “My Bucketlist Crosses with My Sister’s at Knott’s Berry Farm

  1. It is so cool revisiting my ole stomping grounds with you on the last few posts. I lived in So Cal for most of my life so all these places are only on my “Wish I could go there again” list rather than a “bucket” list. I am so glad you are able to enjoy all these places and share with the rest of us. Continue enjoying!


      • Born and raised in Riverside but also lived in Anaheim, Lancaster, and other places in California. My favorite beach was Newport for walking and Balboa for everything else. Venice and Santa Monica farther north are fun for different. Knott’s and Disneyland were close and we had a couple family members working at Knott’s so we got to go there a lot.. We would go to Big bear for the mountain fun. We went skiers so we would go in summer. We’d take our bikes and/or go out on boats. My son liked the local hills in Orange County to go hiking, Tarzana, I think its called. Or something that started with a T. LOL! Memory is the first to go, you know. 🙂
        I loved So. CA because everything is close. We left because it got too expensive for us to live there. Retired and on disability makes it tough to enjoy the things we used to. So I’ll enjoy it as you report on your finds. OH! Don’t forget LA Zoo, Griffith Park and the Observatory. Your daughter would love the zoo! I had passes to the zoo and the observatory and took my four kids often! It is why my daughter works with animals now. She always wanted to be a zoologist. She even had a little safari short set when she was about your daughter’s age. Can’t wait to see your adventures!


  2. That is so cool! I love the pic of you both! She looks older than 12! Beautiful young lady! I’m sure she will be delighted to share many bucket list ideas with you throughout life!! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  3. I think we’re as crazy as your parents.. our Eldest is 36 and youngest 20 so I’m sure our Eldest daughter has many memories and “firsts” that you have 🙂 in August our Youngest will be helping our Eldest have a first too, she chose her to be her maid of honor at her wedding 😀


  4. Gabriella is very pretty and you both look like you are having so much fun. Reading your post and hearing your support for her, in taking the leap to do something she has always wanted to do, has shown the way in which you helped her cope with the fear and learn from you. This has shown to me, what a wonderful big sister you are! 🙂


  5. I’m glad that your sister enjoyed the big roller coaster at Knott’s. That is such a fun place- and affordable! We have a season pass there and although my kids aren’t old enough for that yet- we have advanced to the Sidewinder roller coaster.. I’m hoping that as they get older they will enjoy the thrill rides!!


  6. This is so amazing! You’re such a great role model, and an awesome big sister. Thank you for sharing such a special event in your life.


  7. Nice to spend time with your sister… look at that Xcelerator roller coaster made two words immediately come to mind….no way!….lol


  8. I will never be able to jump on the roller coaster bandwagon unfortunately. I was so traumatized by the kiddie coaster in the local amusement park in my town when I was a toddler and I remember being terrified and coming off it crying. In middle school I tried another kiddie type coaster at Six Flags in NJ to see if I could maybe try one of the big ones like Nitro or Kingda Ka. Hated it the entire time and I knew if I couldn’t stomach the less intense ones, there was no way I would enjoy one of the more intense ones. I’m glad your sister enjoyed it! She looks happy. I just don’t enjoy the feeling of my stomach dropping out from me.


  9. What a sweet post. You two beautiful young ladies are sure making some great memories together. Bravo to you both for riding those roller coasters. I road one one time in my early 20’s and I said “never again” and I have stuck to that. I bet Knott’s Berry Farm is a fun place to go. Very nice pictures! Hugs


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